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Posts by Maryna Gray

Maryna Gray
I'm Maryna, Bean Box's Curator and Director of Coffee. Maybe I should call my job "coffee matchmaking". After all, my goal is to find the next coffee that will make you fall in love, head-over-heels... or maybe, heels-over-mug?

How I Take My Coffee:
While I'm nostalgic for the French vanilla creamer of my pre-professional days, most of the time I drink my coffee black. I'll occasionally add milk and sugar to a very dark roast, or restaurant coffee that could use a little boost.
Favorite Coffee Drink:
Beyond the basics, there's something very joyful about a perfectly-frothed cappuccino. I also love an espresso martini.
Roast Preference:
I plead the 5th. Really, if the roast style enhances the flavors of the bean, it's up my alley. With lighter roasts, I get really excited when I see tasting notes that include banana. Banana is such an amazing flavor to find in a coffee!
Favorite Brew Method:
As an everyday standard, I prefer a pour-over, because I drink a lot of single origins and I enjoy smelling the coffee as it brews.