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6 Best Coffee Makers Under $100

Maryna Gray Maryna Gray • October 14, 2021

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on a coffee maker to make a good cup of coffee. In fact, the best coffee makers are inexpensive by default! Think about it: people have been brewing coffee in a simple pot over the stove for centuries. And while coffee gear has evolved to make brewing better, the basic concept behind every coffee makerfiltering ground coffee beans through hot waterremains the same. 

If the goal is better coffee, start with fresh beans and a quality burr grinder. Then focus on the coffee maker, keeping in mind that a high-priced machine won’t necessarily lead to a better cup. Read on to see our recommendations for the best coffee makers under $100. 



Invented in 1941 by an eccentric chemist named Peter Schlumbohm, the Chemex is a borosilicate glass carafe inspired by simple laboratory equipment. It’s designed to be beautiful, yet easy to use. So while the Chemex looks fancy, it’s not, nor is its price tagyou’ll typically pay less than $50 for this timeless coffee maker (so timeless that it’s in the MoMa!), which produces an aromatic, clean tasting cup due to its thick filters. Chemex filters are 20 to 30 percent heavier than competitive brands and remove even the finest sediment particles as well as the undesirable oils and fats.

The necessary filters aren’t expensive either, plus you can easily find generic versions on Amazon. For step-by-step brewing instructions, see our guide on How to Use a Chemex.

Hario V60


Fun Fact: The Japanese-invented Hario V60 is named for the 60-degree angle created by the shape of its cone! One of the best pour over coffee makers, it’s also inexpensive. The standard dripper itself is about $20, and the necessary filters are another few dollars. You can easily buy them in bulk or find generic versions online. And you don’t need a carafe to go with it, eithersimply place the dripper over your favorite coffee cup and brew. If you want to purchase the matching HARIO V60 Glass Range Coffee Server, however, you’ll still spend less than $100 on all three products. The Hario V60 comes in ceramic, glass (in a variety of colors), plastic and copper,Before you buy, read our guide to the Hario V60 to decide if it’s right for you. 



The AeroPress is a compact, single-cup coffee maker that’s the preferred brewing method for many campers, though its portability makes it ideal for anything on the gocoffee at the office, your kid’s Saturday morning soccer game, you name it. And for $30 on Amazon, the price is right, too. Use our step-by-step AeroPress instructions to brew.

French Press


If you enjoy a full-bodied cup of coffee, consider brewing with a French press. Due to the lack of a paper filter and the use of a mesh wire filter instead, more of the beans' natural oils make their way into your cup (along with any fine particles that escape through the mesh filter), resulting in a bigger body, a thicker mouthfeel, and a more robust flavor profile. You can find a good French press from Bodum for $40 or less.

Moka Pot


Not only is the Moka pot affordable (less than $30 on Amazon), but it’s also one of the trendiest coffee makers on the market, having made a comeback in recent years. Like the French press, the Moka pot makes a velvety, strong-tasting cup of coffee, and can also be used to make a faux shot of espresso (hence its nickname, the “stovetop espresso maker”) for coffee drinks like macchiatos and cappuccinos. Choose between a stovetop or electric Moka pot. 

Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Coffee Maker


It doesn’t have to be the 12-Cup Coffee Maker, but any basic Mr. Coffee drip machine will get you a decent cup of morning brew, as long as you grind your beans just before brewing. And you can’t beat the convenience of a set-it-and-forget-it method that makes enough coffee for several people at once. 

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