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We've teamed up with the Boss Baby to save your morning
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How to Use a Chemex

Maryna Gray Maryna Gray • April 02, 2021

Want to learn how to use a Chemex, but feeling overwhelmed? It's easier than you think. 

The Chemex is, without a doubt, one of our favorite brew methods here at Bean Box. It brews up a clean and aromatic cup of coffee with far less sediment than other brewing methods. And not only is it surprisingly easy to use, but it's also easy on the eyes, making it the perfect coffee gift and addition to any kitchen.

Ready to brew? Here's how to use a Chemex. 


Chemex Coffee Necessities 

How to Use a Chemex 

1. Measure and Grind Beans

First, measure out 2 tablespoons (10 grams) of coffee beans for every 6 ounces of water. To make a 32-ounce Chemex, we'll use 10 tablespoons (50 grams) of coffee. Grind the coffee to a medium consistency for the beans to absorb the water. This grind gives you a cleaner cup of coffee with less sediment when using a Chemex. Try brewing an African coffee for an even brighter, tea-like taste.

2. Measure and Heat the Water

Measure around 2 cups of filtered water and heat to 204 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit in your kettle. Alternatively, you can bring the water to a boil on the stove and let it sit for a few seconds.

3. Place Filter in the Chemex and Rinse

Open the paper filter and place it into your Chemex. Take your heated water and pour it over the filter to preheat and set the filter in place. This is called “rinsing” the filter.

4. Bloom the Coffee

Place your ground coffee into the filter and pour over just enough of your heated water to saturate the grounds. Then let it sit and “bloom” for a few minutes. A “bloom” is created when water hits the coffee grounds and releases bubbles of carbon dioxide from the coffee. The coffee will bloom longer the fresher it is, and you should see a rainbow coloring on the bubbles. Be sure to smell the coffee when it's blooming for the best aromas! 

5. Pour Over

Once the blooming process is complete, slowly pour the water in a circular motion over the grounds until the Chemex is three quarters of the way full. Make sure all of the grounds are saturated, then wait for the water to be absorbed. Repeat the process until your coffee is fully filtered.

6. Remove Filter and Enjoy

Now that your coffee has been fully filtered, carefully gather and remove the filter before serving. Finally, enjoy! 

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