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Meet Bean Box, A Seattle Coffee Company

September, 2014. Our first shipment. Ryan, Matthew, Maryna and Susie.

Our mission is to bring caffeinated delight and the world's finest artisan coffees to our customers in every Bean Box.

Seattle is the world capital for amazing, locally-roasted, authentic coffee experiences. You can’t go a hundred yards without finding a coffee shop that treats a cup of coffee like a form of art. The presentation, aroma, and taste combine to create a unique experience we believe is worth sharing.

Our Story

We are Matthew and Ryan, founders of Bean Box, and we come from the world of software engineering, where we've worked together for over a decade building everything from data mining systems to mobile apps. In Seattle and elsewhere, coffee mania and engineering go hand in hand, and believe we that great coffee is literally the fuel behind so much innovation in technology.

Our love of coffee as a source for inspiration and deep social connection sparked an idea. Why not bring the unique experience of drinking locally-roasted coffee in Seattle to everyone, in their own home, by leveraging technology to make it easy, customizable, and full of endless variety? Bean Box was born.

Bean Box is privately funded, and based in Seattle, WA. Contact us at