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Frequently Asked Questions

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What does Bean Box do?

Bean Box partners with the top independent coffee roasters from Seattle and Portland to curate and deliver the highest quality, freshly-roasted coffee to our customers.
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How does Bean Box work?

1. We hand pick coffee from Seattle and Portland's top-rated roasters every month.
2. We ship the beans to you or your lucky gift recipient in a handsome Bean Box.
3. You / they brew and enjoy delicious coffee with each unique roast.
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Can I customize the coffees I receive?

While some of our products intentionally contain a range of roast profiles (light to dark), origins, and blends/single origin coffees, you can either purchase a product that specifically fits your palate, (light, medium, dark, espresso, etc.) or you can tailor your ongoing subscription to your roast preference. If there's any way we can make your gift or subscription better suited to what you love to drink, just let us know!
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How much coffee is in a Bean Box?

Each Bean Box "sampler" box includes four 1.8 ounce bags of whole bean coffee (i.e. 7.2 total oz.). This makes approximately 16 cups of coffee depending on your brewing method and strength preferences. Not surprisingly, our 12 ounce bags contain twelve ounces of coffee. The Deluxe Seattle Coffee Tour and World Coffee Tour each contain sixteen (16) 1.8 ounce bags. We use a really precise scale!
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When will I receive my first Bean Box shipment?

We ship every Wednesday for most items, so that we can coordinate with roasters and ensure the freshness of your coffee. Once you choose your Bean Box gift or subscription plan, we will show you your first shipment date prior to checkout. We ship with USPS First Class and Priority Mail. In most cases, boxes are delivered within 3 business days.
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Where does Bean Box ship?

Bean Box ships to all US states and military addresses (AE, AA, AP). In order to maintain the freshness of our product, we do not ship internationally, or to Canada, or any US territories or protectorates. Upon request, Bean Box will ship Corporate gift orders internationally at additional cost.
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How do I redeem my Bean Box credits?

Bean Box credits can only be used towards new purchases. Any time you make a new purchase, you can see your current credits during checkout at the billing section. There is a box on the right hand side of the screen where you can enter the amount of credits you'd like to apply to the order. You will be able to deduct all or as many of your credits as you would like from your order total!
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Can I choose what coffees come in my sampler box?

We offer the option to customize your roast profile so that you only receive light, medium, dark, espresso or decaf or you can opt to receive a variety of roasts (note that the variety sampler does not feature any decaf roasts). We do not have the option to choose specific roasts to be included in your box but if there's a certain roast you really want to try, please reach out and if we are able, we're happy to accommodate any special requests.
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What are the ingredients in your caramels?

We've partnered with Jonboy, a local Seattle confectionary company for our caramels! Jonboy uses locally sourced ingredients: Skagit Valley cream, organic cane sugar, organic brown rice syrup, organic butter, organic vanilla extract, and fleur de sel.
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I didn't set a password when ordering. How can I sign into my account?

If you didn't set a password, you can always log in using your email address and order number as sent to you on your receipt. Just visit the "I know my order number" section of our sign in page. You'll be prompted to set a password after logging in.
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I received a Bean Box as a gift. Can I create an account to review coffees or edit my subscription?

Of course! Just visit the "I received Bean Box as a gift" section of the login page. Enter in your email address (which you will use to log in) as well as your name and zip code as they appear on the label of the box you were sent. From there, you'll be prompted to set a password which will be used to log in in the future.
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Can I mark a roast as one of my favorites?

You can! Just head over to the "Your coffee" tab in your account page to see all the roasts that you've received. Hit the heart button next to the name to mark a roast as your favorite; we offer quick reordering for both one and two bags right from this page as well.
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Does Bean Box have any decaf offerings?

We do! Have a gander at our current decaf coffee offerings. We also offer decaf samplers and coffees of the month as both subscriptions and gifts.
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How can I purchase full bags of the coffee I love in my Bean Box?

We're glad you asked! Just head to our Coffee Section. You can get more of the caffeinated delight of your choice in 12 ounce bags. Every shipment confirmation will tell you exactly which coffees we've sent to you. You can also snap a picture of your coffee label and text it to 206 886 0900 for ultra fast, easy ordering!
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Are your coffees organic and/or fair trade?

We partner only with small batch, independent roasters, and we carefully screen them not just for their bean sourcing practices, but for their overall attention to quality in the finished product. In the coffee industry, both organic and fair trade certifications are often associated, ironically, with factory-farmed and processed coffee. We've laid out our thoughts on both organic and fair trade certifications, and welcome your feedback.
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Why do we ship when we do?

Our coffee is roasted fresh to order. All orders will ship out the following Wednesday if placed by Sunday at 5pm PST. For faster shipping, we do offer expedited shipping options and you can always check out our available now section for coffee that's able to ship right away.
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Is your coffee Kosher?

Our coffee is not certified kosher but it is not non-kosher. We source coffees from roasters who have the highest standards for farm to cup quality including forming direct relationships with micro- lot farmers and roasting each bean to the bring out the flavors if its origins.
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Are there any flavors or other additives in your coffee?

None of our coffees contain added flavoring. The flavors you will see listed for many of the coffees are tasting notes that we have picked out and these tasting notes are derived from where the coffee was grown and the roasting process. Roasting the coffee beans often brings out really unique natural flavors!
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Allergies and Ingredients

Our coffees contain one ingredient, and one ingredient only: whole coffee beans. There are no additives and no other ingredients. Our boxes do contain a small treat which changes seasonally, which is generally either a bite-sized chocolate or caramel. These treats do have other ingredients; if you have allergies or other concerns, feel free to ask!
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I got a coffee I really don't like. Am I stuck with it?

Of course not! We want you to enjoy the coffee so if you ever receive a roast that really doesn't suit your tastes, just reach out to delight@beanbox.co and we'll be happy to send a replacement of something you might like better!
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How fresh is your "Available Now" coffee?

All coffee in our Available Now section are roasted that same week so you're being sent coffee that has been roasted within 5 days of shipping at most.
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Do you offer ground coffee?

Yes, we offer a freshly ground coffee subscription, along with a select set of ground coffee gifts. We take the freshness and flavor of our coffee to heart. That’s why our Freshly Ground offerings start with whole bean, roasted-to-order coffee and are ground with a state-of-the-art professional grinder. To learn more, visit our blog post: Ground Coffee - Where We Stand.
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When will I be billed for a gift subscription that I purchased?

Our billing occurs the Friday before the scheduled shipping date and our shipment days fall on Wednesdays.
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Do you have a downloadable gift card?

We include a printable PDF gift card for you to send your gift recipient in your receipt. You can also quickly find our downloadable gift card here.
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Do you offer set duration subscriptions?

We do! Anything purchased from our gifts section will not be set to automatically renew. You can find our sampler gift subscription right here and our Coffee of the Month gift subscription here.
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Do you sell coffee gear?

The short answer: no. Our mission is to provide the very freshest, highest quality artisan coffee, and all of our energy as a company goes toward that mission. There are plenty of places to get great coffee gear online, from Amazon.com to specific suppliers. For grinders, arguably the most important piece of equipment in brewing, we generally recommend Baratza or Breville for home use. Our standard brew gear is a simple Chemex.
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Holiday Shipping

How can I make sure that I get my gift in time for the holidays?

Not to worry, we've got you covered! If you'd like to place an order now and have it ship at a later date, we do list shipping dates through the new year (along with estimated delivery dates) right in the checkout page. You'll be able to place orders to ship out on the 19th to arrive before the 25th up though 5 PM PST on December 16th. If you'd like an order to ship out now, you can always find our available now gifts on our site right here. If you have any questions about shipping or if you need any assistance in finding the right option for you, feel free to shoot us an email at delight@beanbox.co.
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How do I track the status of an order?

You can see which orders have shipped, and whether you have future shipments scheduled by logging into your account. Every time we ship, we send you a shipment notification by email. This email will contain a USPS tracking URL, and will list all of the tasty coffees that are on their way. If you have any questions about an order, you can also contact customer service.
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How do I become a Bean Box roaster?

At this time, we only work with local roasters from Seattle and Portland but we understand that new roasters pop up in these coffee-crazed cities all the time! We're always looking to add amazing coffee roasters to our distinguished list. Please send Ryan an email to ryan@beanbox.co for more information.
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I'm a social media influencer and want to promote your company. Who do I contact?

Please provide links to your social media accounts and tell us how you intend to promote (i.e. giveaway, review, etc) and send an email to hello@beanbox.co.
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How do I change the shipping address for my order or my billing information?

Simply head to the orders section in your account page and hit the "details" button next to the order or subscription in question. From there you'll be able to customize all the specifics of your order, including the shipping address.
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How often do you ship?

Most of the coffees we ship are roasted to order. We order our coffee on Fridays, our roasters roast on Mondays and Tuesdays and we ship every Wednesday. In some cases, individual bags of coffee will be shipped prior to their stated ship dates. We tell you when items will ship both in the shopping cart and in your receipt (by email). If you ever need to expedite an order, just contact delight@beanbox.co and we'll do our best. Want your coffee to ship sooner? Check out our Available Now section for roasts we have on hand that we can ship out right away!
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Expedited Shipping Options

Need a package shipped faster? We have two expedited shipping options for you to choose from during checkout! Once you have given a shipping address, a list of shipping options will be generated for you on the shipping page.You can modify your shipment date and even expedite your Bean Box by upgrading to FedEx 2-day and 1-day (available for most products). All expedited shipping costs will be determined by your shipping address and each expedited option will list the arrival date. The cutoff for expedited orders will be 12pm PST daily. Any orders placed after 12pm will ship a day later.
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If I need to expedite my order will I still receive free shipping?

Free shipping only applies to standard shipping within the U.S and our standard shipping options are provided via USPS.
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What if I want my package to arrive on a specific date?

We can't guarantee that a package will arrive on a specific date because shipping errors can occur from time to time but we are happy to adjust your shipping date to get as close as possible to a specific arrival time. Our shipment days fall on Wednesdays and standard shipping is 3-5 business days but the majority of our boxes make it to their destinations within 2-3 business days.
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Why is my order shipping next week?

All our coffee is roasted to order! We order our coffee on Friday, our roasters roast the coffee on Mondays and Tuesdays and then immediately deliver to us so that we can package it up and get it shipped off by Wednesday. Depending on when in the week you place the order, it may seem like it takes a little while because your order will be placed into the following week's shipment (so you can get the freshest beans possible) but you can always request your order to be bumped up a week by contacting delight@beanbox.co and we will do our best to ship your order early. Need coffee right away? Check out our Available Now for roasts we have on hand (roasted that same week) that can be shipped out right away!
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When will I be billed for the monthly recurring membership?

For reoccurring subscriptions, billing occurs the Friday before your coffee ships. If you have prepaid, billing will reoccur on the first shipment following the 3 month, 6 month, or year anniversary of your purchase (whichever was selected during checkout).
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How do I cancel my Bean Box subscription?

We'd be very sad to see you go, but we hope you'll keep us in mind for future gifts and other caffeine fixes. Head to the account section, select the item you wish to cancel, and follow the directions. Our policy on cancellation is pretty simple: you need to cancel by 5 PM (Pacific time) on Thursday the week before your next scheduled shipment (every Wednesday).
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I still have questions. How do I contact the Bean Box Team?

We're here for you! Please send us questions, feedback, or ideas on everything Bean Box to delight@beanbox.co. We're also open to discuss other topics, such as anything related to the Pacific Northwest or coffee. We'd love to hear from you.
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How do I add treats to my order?

When you place an item in your cart, a pop up screen will appear where you can browse and add any treats you like. For subscriptions, an email will be sent about a week before your next delivery and you can also add goodies to your next delivery there.
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