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Featured Coffee Roasts Brewing This Month

A seasonally-fresh shortlist of the top coffees in Seattle and Portland

# 1001 Organic Excelso Colombia by Middle Fork Roasters
Rainforest-Friendly Colombia, Done Dark
Caramel, Cherry, Sugar Cane

Colombian? Check. Dark roast? Check. Organic, rainforest alliance, and roasted responsibly? Triple-check! Colombia Excelso is the newest offering from our friends at Middle Fork Roasters. We love Middle Fork for their artisan take on darker roasting, and the classic profile of this Colombian made it an instant hit in the Beanery. The beans are roasted just to the edge of dark, with a deep, chocolate-chip color and the perfect glaze of oil. The flavor profile is lower acidity, with a sweet and smooth body of caramel and sugar cane. Mellow tones of black cherry and red currant linger in the background, leading into a finish that tastes toasty, but not burnt. Coffees like these are “goldilocks” roasts: everything about them is just right!

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# 84 Sun Bear Iced Coffee Blend by Kuma Coffee
Coffee on the Rocks
Grape, Chocolate, Berry

Here comes the sun! With Sun Bear in the house, summer in Seattle has officially begun. I look forward to iced coffee season every year, and this blend always kicks it off. Kuma’s annual summer favorite, Sun Bear is a fruit-meets-chocolate blend of African and South American beans, for a cup with a light, refreshing body and juicy flavors of ripe berries and purple grapes. Get out your shades: this blend is as sparkling and bright as the summer sunshine.

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# 994 Colombia Narino Chavez by True North Coffee Roasters
The Vanilla Caramel Colombian
Caramel, Vanilla, Grapefruit

So rich and caramel-smooth, this new Colombian practically melts in your mouth! Our friends at True North have done it again with Colombia Nariño Chavez, a charming Latin cup from Colombia’s specialty coffee haven. The body is silky and oh-so-smooth, with a body like sweet vanilla caramels. Notes of cinnamon-sprinkled apricot fill out the cup, and a hint of ruby red grapefruit sparkles in the finish. Simply put, it’ll give any caramel macchiato a run for its money.

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# 984 Guatemala Puerto Verde by Fundamental Coffee Company
Death by Dark Chocolate
Nutty, Spice, Floral

Fundamental Coffee Company’s newest decadence, Guatemala Puerto Verde, is death by chocolate. Deep, rich, and smooth, this medium-dark roast is like a bar of the very finest extra-dark chocolate. An elegant touch of brown sugar balances the richness of the body, and a hint of orange blossom adds a pleasantly aromatic top note. For us, it was love at first sip: a fantastic example of a darker roast profile that elevates, rather than obscures, a fine coffee’s exceptional nature.

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# 859 Ecuador Penaherrera by Blossom Coffee Roasters
A Beachy Cup of Salt Water Taffy
Grape, Brown Sugar, Tropical

Get out your sandals: this sweet summertime cup is back for a second year in a row! Ecuador Peñaherrera is a special, limited microlot from Blossom Coffee Roasters (formerly Vashon Coffee Company). Light-roasted, this Ecuador is gentle and vibrant, with a tumble of soft fruit flavors: red grape, plum, tropical fruit, a touch of rose water. The body is light and creamy, with a nutty roundness and a caramel-like finish that reminds us of salt water taffy. As the cup cools, a shadow of light citrus lingers on your tongue. Like this one, the best Ecuadorian coffees are refreshingly crisp and super-clean: perfect hot, or over ice, this coffee will ease you into summertime, sip by sip.

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# 401 Costa Rica Reserve by Vashon Island Coffee Roasterie
A Classic, Romantic Costa Rican
Caramel, Nutty, Chocolate

Costa Rican coffee has always had a timeless, romantic appeal. Clean, sweet, and classic, the best Costa Rican coffees showcase an elegant simplicity, a profile that “tastes like coffee”-- only better! Whenever we’re in the mood for an easy-to-love cup, we’re drawn to the Costa Rica Reserve from Vashon Island Coffee Roasterie. This medium-roast cup opens with a rich aroma, full of cocoa and toasted hazelnut, a subtle woodsy spice. The body is creamy and smooth, like caramel, or nougat, and the chocolate hazelnut flavors carry into a long, silky finish. But the true romance of this cup goes way beyond its sweet flavors.

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# 628 SO Blend by Coava Coffee
The Chocolate Layer Cake
Toffee, Chocolate, Spicy

The S.O. in this blend's name may mean "Single Origin", but we call it the SO blend, as in... SO rich, SO chocolatey, SO delicious. Creamy notes of chocolate layer cake and toffee are what make this roast SO good, with just a hint of bright fruit in the first sip and a pleasantly spicy finish. It's sweet enough to please a mocha lover, bold enough for a splash of cream, and the full body makes a fine shot of espresso.

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# 233 100 Kona by Kealas Hawaiian Coffee
A Smooth Sip of Paradise
Nutty, Passion Fruit, Coconut

The wait is over! The new harvest of 100% Kona has arrived, direct from the island, and we couldn't wait to share it with you. One of our rarest and best-selling coffees, this Extra Fancy grade of Kona coffee shines as a bold and balanced medium roast with a smooth, pleasant body and hints of toasted coconut and passion fruit. This is one of specialty coffee's smallest and most exclusive growing regions, so if you or someone you love is a fan of Hawaiian coffee, this is your opportunity to keep the vacation spirit alive with a freshly-roasted batch of the newest crop.

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