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Featured Coffee Roasts Brewing This Month

A seasonally-fresh shortlist of the top coffees in Seattle and Portland

# 937 Guatemala Antonio Medina by Dapper and Wise Coffee Roasters
The Hazelnut Tiramisu Coffee
Nutty, Chocolate, Cocoa

This Valentine’s week, enjoy a slice of tiramisu for breakfast! Upon our very first sip of the creamy, decadent Guatemala Antonio Medina, brand new from Dapper & Wise Coffee Roasters, we couldn’t wait to share this desserty cup with you. Bold, medium body, with upfront notes of dark chocolate and toasted hazelnuts-- nutella, anyone?. The finish is rich, creamy, and custard-smooth, and the flavor lingers like the perfect spoonful of tiramisu.

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# 932 Ethiopia Keramo Washed by Dapper and Wise Coffee Roasters
Valentine’s Candy in your Cup
Peach, Sugar, Tropical

Vibrant and sugary sweet, this Ethiopian coffee is Valentine’s candy in your mug. Are you ready to fall in love? Notes of tropical guava and sugar-dusted peach rings accompany a sparkling, effervescent acidity. The long, syrupy finish lingers in your mouth like a gummy bear. Freshly-roasted from Dapper & Wise Coffee Roasters in Portland, Oregon, this Ethiopia Keramo is one of the most distinctive, sweetest washed Ethiopians we’ve ever tasted.

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# 935 Cloud City Blend by Cloud City Roasting Company
The S'more Coffee
Graham Cracker, Marshmallow, Chocolate

S’more coffee? Yes please! This chocolaty medium blend is a toasty s’more in your cup. Cloud City Blend is the house blend from our newest partner, Cloud City Coffee Roasters⁠—and it’s destined to be an instant hit. While brewing, the aroma is straight Hershey's Syrup. Flavors are chocolaty, rich, with a super-smooth, low acid profile and a nutty, pillowy sweetness like marshmallow creme. Toasty, cinnamon graham finish caps off the layered s’more-like flavors. One sip, and you’ll be on cloud 9.

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# 934 Ethiopia Guji Lalisaa by Cloud City Roasting Company
Fresh Blueberries in Your Cup
Honey, Berry, Blueberry

You’ll love this blueberry bomb from Seattle’s newest roaster! We’re head over heels for this sweet, blueberry-forward Guji from our newest partner, Cloud City Coffee Roasters. Ethiopia Guji Lalisaa is a lush, natural Ethiopian, with a smooth, creamy body and notes of sweet plum, blueberry, sun dried raisin. Buoyant, honey drizzled finish. Flavors stay bright, not tart, and the purple-toned profile feels fresh and vibrant as a bright blue sky.

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# 931 Guatemala Ixban by Broadcast Coffee Roasters
A Cup of Peaches and Cream
Honey, Vanilla, Peach

Pretty peachy! The new, sweet Guatemala Ixban is a juicy sip of peaches and cream. Freshly arrived to our friends at Broadcast Coffee, Ixban is everything we love about this year’s exceptional, fruit-forward Guatemalans. A round, caramel body, like butterscotch candy, fills this cup, with notes of sugary peach and vanilla cream. The finish delves into a lush backbone of chocolate syrup, lingering on your tongue. As it cools, the fruity notes feel rosy, like pink apples or subtle bubblegum. Simply put, we can’t get enough.

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# 927 Theo Blend by Caffe Vita
The Spicy Chocolate Truffle
Chocolate, Spice, Dark Chocolate

Willy Wonka is real, and he’s gone into coffee! Theo Blend is a decadent, medium blend that feels like walking into an artisan chocolate shop. While brewing, the aroma of melted chocolate fills the air. In the cup, rich dark chocolate flavors abound, with a full, brownie-batter mouthfeel and a hint of dried fruit. The finish is long and honey-smooth, with a touch of peppery spice to balance the richness. The result? A spicy chocolate truffle in your morning mug, and the most effortless mocha you’ll ever make.

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# 93 Mocha Java Blend by Lighthouse Roasters
The World's Oldest Blend
Spice, Floral, Fruit

When it comes to coffee, nothing is more iconic than Mocha Java, the world's oldest blend. A mug of pure romance, this dark roast combines the spicy, earthy notes of an Indonesian with the smooth, fruity notes of an Ethiopian. The result? A layered cup of spicy, complex flavor, with a touch of red-wine-like fruit in the smooth finish. As it cools, you might detect a touch of florals, like the aroma of a tropical, night-blooming flower. And the lighter body makes it the perfect dark roast for Autumn's clear, crisp days.

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# 864 Old School Blend by Stamp Act Coffee
The Dark Chocolate Snickers Bar Coffee
Caramel, Nutty, Almond

No tricks here, just treats: this rich medium roast is Halloween candy for adults. With its big creamy body and notes of dark chocolate, caramel, and toasted nuts, Old School Blend is the coffee that thinks it’s a Snickers bar. Created for “old school” drinkers who like a rich, chocolatey profile with just a hint of toasty flavor, Old School Blend is ideal for drip and espresso alike. Enjoy it from a king-size mug.

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# 628 SO Blend by Coava Coffee
The Chocolate Layer Cake
Toffee, Chocolate, Spicy

The S.O. in this blend's name may mean "Single Origin", but we call it the SO blend, as in... SO rich, SO chocolatey, SO delicious. Creamy notes of chocolate layer cake and toffee are what make this roast SO good, with just a hint of bright fruit in the first sip and a pleasantly spicy finish. It's sweet enough to please a mocha lover, bold enough for a splash of cream, and the full body makes a fine shot of espresso.

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# 233 100 Kona by Kealas Hawaiian Coffee
A Smooth Sip of Paradise
Nutty, Passion Fruit, Coconut

The wait is over! The new harvest of 100% Kona has arrived, direct from the island, and we couldn't wait to share it with you. One of our rarest and best-selling coffees, this Extra Fancy grade of Kona coffee shines as a bold and balanced medium roast with a smooth, pleasant body and hints of toasted coconut and passion fruit. This is one of specialty coffee's smallest and most exclusive growing regions, so if you or someone you love is a fan of Hawaiian coffee, this is your opportunity to keep the vacation spirit alive with a freshly-roasted batch of the newest crop.

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# 195 Cream and Sugar by Slate Coffee Roasters
The Caramel and Chocolate Swirl
Caramel, Almond, Chocolate

Back and better than ever: we love this classic, light roast blend that “tastes like coffee”. One of our all time best-sellers, it’s a perfect, uncomplicated roast for an easygoing morning. Cream and Sugar Blend is an ironic name, considering that you don’t need to add anything to this cup-- its smooth, silky notes of rich caramel and melted chocolate are deceptively simple, and roasted to perfection with an expert touch. That said, if you do prefer a splash of cream, or a spoonful of sugar, this roast happily complies. Everything about your morning should be this easy.

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