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Limited Offer: Get better mornings for only $19/mo (Save 20%) ▶

Featured Coffee Roasts Brewing This Month

A seasonally-fresh shortlist of the top coffees in Seattle and Portland

# 864 Old School Blend by Stamp Act Coffee
The Dark Chocolate Snickers Bar Coffee
Caramel, Nutty, Almond

No tricks here, just treats: this rich medium roast is Halloween candy for adults. With its big creamy body and notes of dark chocolate, caramel, and toasted nuts, Old School Blend is the coffee that thinks it’s a Snickers bar. Created for “old school” drinkers who like a rich, chocolatey profile with just a hint of toasty flavor, Old School Blend is ideal for drip and espresso alike. Enjoy it from a king-size mug.

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# 876 Ethiopia Wolichu Wachu by Veltons Coffee Roasting Company
The Sunrise in Your Cup
Grapefruit, Citrus, Berries

Let the light shine in! This sweet, citrusy Ethiopian is a pure sip of sunshine. Ethiopia Wachu Wolichu is a light roast with complex character, round, juicy notes of cranberry and blackcurrant, sugary lemon custard, and a fresh jasmine-bergamot finish that feels like throwing open the window on a summer day. Wachu Wolichu is the newest roast from Velton’s Coffee Company, one of Seattle’s finest independent roasters, and we’re basking in it.

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# 630 Kilenso Mokonissa Drip by Coava Coffee
Blueberries and Buttered Rum
Grape, Almond, Floral

This rich, sweet Ethiopian really takes the cake… the rum cake, that is! Coava’s Kilenso Mokonissa is a natural Ethiopian with a wild side. A sweet, punchy aroma of wild blueberries and a subtle note of rum make it love at first sniff. Brewed up, the body is buttery and smooth like molasses, with notes of rum cake and fresh plum, almond biscotti, grape jam, and a light, effervescent finish of lavender florals and cocoa. One sip, and you’ll be ready to rumba.

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# 628 SO Blend by Coava Coffee
The Chocolate Layer Cake
Toffee, Chocolate, Spicy

The S.O. in this blend's name may mean "Single Origin", but we call it the SO blend, as in... SO rich, SO chocolatey, SO delicious. Creamy notes of chocolate layer cake and toffee are what make this roast SO good, with just a hint of bright fruit in the first sip and a pleasantly spicy finish. It's sweet enough to please a mocha lover, bold enough for a splash of cream, and the full body makes a fine shot of espresso.

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# 183 Fireside Blend by Ladro Roasting
Chestnuts Roasting in Your Mug
Nutty, Spice, Chestnut

Christmas in October? Why not? Your first present has officially arrived: Fireside Blend by Ladro, one of our annual best selling holiday roasts. Released extra early this year, Fireside is a fair trade/organic Honduran coffee roasted dark, for a spicy, nutty perfection. With notes of molasses, allspice, and roasted chestnut, Ladro’s Fireside Blend will definitely light your fire.

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# 218 Hidden City by Zoka Coffee
The Fall-Perfect French Roast
Caramel, Nutty, Pecan

Is fall's perfect french roast a hidden secret? Not anymore! Come explore the depths of Zoka’s Hidden City, one of our most luxurious dark blends. This cup is smooth and seductive, with a rich, syrupy body and notes of molasses, pecan, and caramel, with a slightly smoky finishing touch. Afraid of the dark? Not anymore: after one sip of Hidden City, you’ll be embracing it!

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# 875 Autumn Spice Blend by Broadcast Coffee Roasters
Move Over, Pumpkin Spice
Clove, Cinnamon, Nutty

Move over, pumpkin spice! There’s a new kid in town: Autumn Spice Blend, our newest seasonal addition, is an artisanal nod to the coziest time of the year. This medium roast tastes like creamy milk chocolate, a touch of dried fruit, and a finish of mulling spices—cinnamon, nutmeg, clove—with a hint of vanilla bean. The rich, spicy flavors remind us of the best parts of the season: the changing leaves, Halloween costumes, taking our favorite sweaters out of storage… not to mention football (go hawks!). Pair this coffee with an apple cider donut and a puffy vest, and presto: you’ve got autumn in a mug.

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