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Featured Coffee Roasts Brewing This Month

A seasonally-fresh shortlist of the top coffees in Seattle and Portland

# 1021 Basecamp Blend by Rainier Coffee Roaster
Simply the Creamiest
Chocolate, Spice, Berry

Brew your own adventure! This week, we’re drinking Basecamp Blend, the best-selling drip and espresso blend from Rainier Coffee Roasters. Crafted to pair perfectly with milk, this medium roast is like a ready-made mocha in a mug: you’ll taste big, layered flavors of cocoa powder, baking spices, and toasted nuts, with a hint of dark berries for a round, lively sweetness. Like all of Rainier’s coffees, flavors stay bold, balanced, and toasty: the perfect anchor for a home latte, cafe au lait, or creamy cold brew.

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# 1024 Guatemala Nueva Montana Honey by Stamp Act Coffee
A Guatemalan Coffee Unicorn
Caramel, Tea, Apple

A true coffee unicorn! This rarely-found honey process, Guatemala Nueva Montana from Stamp Act Coffee, is our newest summer obsession. Bright, silky, and strikingly sweet, this cup is a fruit-flavored wonder: you’ll taste a jumble of jolly rancher candies with a nose of light hibiscus florals. The body is round, almost milky, with a hint of caramel flavors. As notes develop, you’ll taste pink apples, strawberry lemonade, and a finish like sweet tea. Served over ice, the cup is as crisp and refreshing as an Arnold Palmer: we give it our "Stamp Act" of approval.

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# 1019 Ethiopia Dur Feres by Boon Boona Coffee
The Blueberry-Brandy Ethiopian
Chocolate, Spice, Fruity

Blueberries, Brandy, and Boon Boona: oh my! We’re excited to introduce you to our newest partner, Efrem Fesaha and Boon Boona Coffee. Ever since we met Efrem and tasted his coffees, we knew he belongs on any list of Seattle’s finest artisan roasters. We picked our favorite coffee from Boon Boona’s lineup to share with you today: the rich, sweet, blueberry-toned Ethiopian Dur Feres.

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# 1015 Sumatra Lintong Reserve by Cloud City Roasting Company
The Kitchen Island Vacation Coffee
Pepper, Spice, Floral

Some more Sumatra? You got it! This 93-point Sumatra Lintong Reserve ticks all the boxes for a fantastic cup of syrup, spice and everything nice. The light-medium roast profile stays savory, juicy, with just the right kick of sweetness. You’ll smell a rich aroma of cacao, cracked pepper, a touch of white florals. The first sip reveals a profile of smooth molasses, earthy malt, and a tangy, almost kefir-like note of dark currant, or a particularly wild plum. The soft, silky finish dives back down into savory spice and a hint of herbal sparkle. It’s no surprise that this roast attracted the attention of Coffee Review, who gave it a rare, sky-high 93-point rating and named it one of their “Desert Island Coffees” of the season. We wouldn't mind a little time stranded with this cup...

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# 1003 Summer Solstice Blend by Fundamental Coffee Company
Summer's Boldest Blend
Grapefruit, Floral, Citrus

If you’re going to take on the longest days of the year, you’d better have a strong coffee in hand! Summer Solstice Blend is the newest seasonal blend from Fundamental Coffee, Seattle’s dark-roast artists. They’ve crafted this cup from directly-sourced Central American and African beans—unusual for a dark coffee—and the results are magical: flavors are bold, dynamic, and the fruit and florals add depth without taking center stage. You'll taste the rich, silky body from the Guatemalan, sweet, exotic notes of jasmine flowers and Earl Grey tea from the Ethiopian, and a sparkling note of fresh-squeezed grapefruit from the fantastic, under-the-radar Nicaraguan. These beans may look like your typical French roast, but this blend has a gentle soul: robust yet delicate, with a slight kiss of oils, the crisp flavor is perfect for summer sipping. One of our favorite cold-brew coffees!

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# 628 SO Blend by Coava Coffee
The Chocolate Layer Cake
Toffee, Chocolate, Spicy

The S.O. in this blend's name may mean "Single Origin", but we call it the SO blend, as in... SO rich, SO chocolatey, SO delicious. Creamy notes of chocolate layer cake and toffee are what make this roast SO good, with just a hint of bright fruit in the first sip and a pleasantly spicy finish. It's sweet enough to please a mocha lover, bold enough for a splash of cream, and the full body makes a fine shot of espresso.

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# 233 100 Kona by Kealas Hawaiian Coffee
A Smooth Sip of Paradise
Nutty, Passion Fruit, Coconut

The wait is over! The new harvest of 100% Kona has arrived, direct from the island, and we couldn't wait to share it with you. One of our rarest and best-selling coffees, this Extra Fancy grade of Kona coffee shines as a bold and balanced medium roast with a smooth, pleasant body and hints of toasted coconut and passion fruit. This is one of specialty coffee's smallest and most exclusive growing regions, so if you or someone you love is a fan of Hawaiian coffee, this is your opportunity to keep the vacation spirit alive with a freshly-roasted batch of the newest crop.

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