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Tandem Coffee • Portland, ME

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About Tandem Coffee

Whenever it comes to drinking Tandem Coffee Roasters, we can’t help but pour two cups! Based in Portland, Maine, Tandem captures everything we love about working with roasters from across the country — everyone’s got their unique way of doing things. With Tandem, that means taking a thoughtful, slower, and more scenic route to the destination — just like riding a bike!

Walking into the 1930s brick building that houses their joint roastery and cafe is a blast from the past. In their pocket of Portland, baristas spin vinyl records all day with no wifi to be found. With Tandem and their expertise in light to medium roasts, the inherent flavors within coffees take center stage.

It’s true what they say, takes two to tango! Will and Kathleen Pratt opened Tandem Coffee Roasters in 2012 after working in the coffee industry for many years with their careers taking them across the United States. Since then, they’ve made their mark — both in the coffee industry and in the environment. Tandem is part of 1% for the Planet, meaning they donate 1% of their annual sales directly to environmental non-profits doing what they can to protect the future of our planet.

Coffees from Tandem Coffee have been reviewed 29 times, with an average rating of 4 out of 5.

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