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Broadcast Coffee Roasters • Seattle, WA

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Johnson House Blend
Toffee, Bakers Chocolate
Kenya Kiamabara AB
Raspberry, Green Apple, Golden Syrup
Lights on Jackson
Caramel, Spiced Cider, Berry Cobbler

About Broadcast Coffee Roasters

Broadcast's owner and roaster Barry Faught is known for his three cafes across Seattle—light, airy, friendly shops that make great coffee easy and unintimidating. He began with a curated selection of coffees from local roasters, but the game changed when Barry began roasting his own beans in order to have more control over the coffee he serves.

In addition to a handful of chocolate-lover blends, Broadcast Coffee Roasters offers a seasonal rotation of single-origins, many of which Faught has sourced during his travels. "Anyone has access to the coffees we buy: the coffee isn't unique, but the selection process is."

After he sources his beans, Faught favors a lighter profile to bring out each bean's unique flavors. "Our roasting style is intentional," he says. "We want to capture the characteristics of the particular coffee. My biggest influence is trial and error."

Coffees from Broadcast Coffee Roasters have been reviewed 542 times, with an average rating of 4 out of 5.

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