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Bean Box in the Press

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Video segment on Bean Box. Series on treating yourself and subscription boxes.
"Single origin coffee from an all-local roster of roasters, including Herkimer and Kuma...."
"The Bean Box team is banking on Seattle’s well-established reputation as a coffee mecca, with a pitch that underscores locality and freshness."
"The freshness of Bean Box’s coffees is hard to match. The quick delivery ensures that all the nuances and flavors that the roasters intended get to the consumer while they’re still at their peak."
"You know it’s fresh when there’s a large bloom. With the coffee from Bean Box, the bloom was extraordinary. And that, to me, seems like the advantage of a place like Bean Box."
"What else makes Bean Box different from other subscription coffee services? Freshness."
"Our two key advantages over competition in the space are that we are focused on Seattle roasters—the most active specialty roasting market in the U.S.—and fresh delivery."
"Differentiates itself from others mainly with the company’s proximity to so many premium roasters that are apart of what he calls 'an incredibly tight-knit community' who want to expand their base beyond Seattle and the Pacific Northwest."
Video Review of Bean Box by Jason Coffee
"Think of it as an ongoing coffee tour of the city, without having to buy plane tickets. It’s a great idea."
"Have you ever wished you could have the absolute best coffees from America’s best known coffee city of Seattle without traveling all the way to Washington just to get it? Lucky for you a couple of local entrepreneurial guys... felt the same way."
My Morning Cup Profile
Bean Box Co-Founder Matthew Berk