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Limited Time: Get $10 OFF your favorite coffees with Auto-Sip & Save ▶

Waikiki Coffee • Seattle, WA

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Kaka'hi'aka Dark Blend
Peach, Nutty, Chocolate
Palekana Blend
Cherry, Chocolate, Mango

About Waikiki Coffee

Aloha! Waikiki Coffee is a new venture for two long-standing coffee professionals that, like many here in Seattle, escape to Hawaii during the city's coldest, rainiest months. Their mission is to partner with small, family-run Hawaiian coffee farmers and bring a sip of Aloha to Seattle and beyond. Beyond their direct-trade Hawaiian relationships, they also work directly with small farms in Colombia, Brazil, and Ethiopia for their Hawaiian Blends. Their beans can't be found in cafes or restaurants; Waikiki's lots are so small, they're only selling their beans through a small network of true coffee lovers-- Bean Box is honored to offer their exclusive, farm-direct 100% Fancy Kona in a special partnership.

Coffees from Waikiki Coffee have been reviewed 10 times, with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5.

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