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Team Bean Box

Ryan Fritzky, Founder and Co-Bean

Ryan started his career in marketing and product management, spending years working on products as wide-ranging as ad servers, search, and small business reputation management. He fell in love with fresh coffee at a tiny cafe in Fremont called Espresso To Go, and he is responsible for all of Bean Box marketing and physical product development.

Matthew Berk, Founder and Co-Bean

Matthew has been a software engineer for the better part of a quarter century, and considers himself a product-focused builder. He is the creator of the first local search engine (2002), and is the author of a wide range of patents on everything from VoIP to data mining. He's an equal-opportunity coffee drinker, but is fondest of fresh crop Geishas from Colombia. He's responsible for all software engineering, as well as manufacturing process and automation.

Maryna Gray, Coffee Curatrix

Maryna is responsible for all coffee curation and content creation. She manages everything from selecting roasters, to determining which coffees we feature, to which roasts work well together in our sampler boxes, to creating all label content and product descriptions. She is an active judge for the prestigious Cup of Excellence, and has been a part of helping them evaluate the world's best coffees at origin, in places such as Peru and Colombia.

Team Bean Box

We're a tiny, closely-knit team. Andrew oversees all operations, from forecasting to manufacturing process. Maesy runs the production team, and is responsible for all the great product (and thousands of boxes) we ship every week. Sara manages customer delight, and represents the voice of the customer as we constantly try to improve our products and services.

Fred, Jenna, and Myint-Zu form the heart of the Beanery, based in Seattle, and are responsible for all of the thousand of pieces of joyful work that go into running our equipment, making our products, and getting them out to customers in a timely fashion.