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Provision Coffee • Tempe, AZ

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Prickly Pear by Provision Coffee
Black Cherry, Chocolate, Dulce De Leche

About Provision Coffee

From deep in the heart of Arizona, surrounded by the idyllic landscapes of the Southwest, Provision Coffee was born with one goal in mind: community building. Co-founders Dan and Lawrence traveled the world meeting coffee farmers in order to understand the tricks of the trade and get an in-depth knowledge of the lifecycle of coffee from farm to cup. Maintaining direct relationships with these coffee farms and providing them with financial stability is at the core of their commitment to community building efforts.

After meticulous trial and error, Provision was able to master the art of roasting coffee and deliver rich, caramelized sugars and juicy, sweet acidity in every cup. As a homage to their community based roots, the native prickly pear cactus has the high honor of being their logo and the name of their house blend. Don’t be fooled — there is nothing prickly about this smooth cup!

Coffees from Provision Coffee have been reviewed 22 times, with an average rating of 4 out of 5.

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