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Longshoreman's Daughter Coffee • Seattle, WA

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About Longshoreman's Daughter Coffee

Historically a gritty port neighborhood dominated by shipping and receiving, Seattle’s Fremont area looks a lot different now; today it’s a quirky neighborhood with artists and tech firms living together in an odd sort of harmony. But one thing hasn’t changed since 1982, and it’s Longshoreman’s Daughter Coffee Roasters. Described as “eclectic”, “cozy”, and “hole-in-the-wall”, their cafe (named “ETG: “Espresso To Go") is nowhere near big enough to accommodate the line of locals who patiently line up for their coffee and homemade pastries every morning— but that isn’t a deterrent. Their coffees speak for themselves: roasty, toasty single origins and espresso blends that conjure old-school Seattle.

Owner and roaster Lori, the eponymous Longshoreman’s Daughter, is never far away; you’ll spot her wrapped in a vintage wool sweater, her long hair pulled into a bun, glasses pushed up on her forehead; always slightly harried and smiling anyway. Her single origins rotate with the seasons: Ethiopian, Sumatran, and Latin Americans. A true medium-roast Ethiopian, or Honduras, say, is unheard of within many specialty circles, and this is why ETG has remained a destination for a particular breed of coffee lovers; fans of the dark and spicy gravitate towards her single origins because they’re more well-developed than most. She likes her fruit and floral notes with a side of something savory: spice, molasses, a touch of smoke; always balanced. Her Bearded Lady Blend is a quirky classic.

There are other reasons Longshoreman’s Daughter is unique: female roasters are still a rare sight, as are roasters who only source organic beans. Lori is a neighborhood institution: even with a glossy Starbucks just around the corner, her small cafe is a true Seattle classic, and occupies a perfect niche in the artsy ecosystem of Fremont... there’s no better place for a Longshoreman’s Daughter turned coffee roaster.

Coffees from Longshoreman's Daughter Coffee have been reviewed 512 times, with an average rating of 4 out of 5.

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