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Rainier Coffee Roaster • Seattle, WA

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Colombia Cesar Serrania
Vanilla, Cinnamon, Dark Chocolate
Crux Blend
Cherry, Nutty, Chocolate

About Rainier Coffee Roaster

Every day's an adventure: in Seattle, we take that statement figuratively AND literally. We're lucky to live in a nucleus of natural beauty: Puget Sound and the Olympic Peninsula to the West, the Cascades and Mount Rainier to the East, shimmering Lake Union right in the center of the city-- and if there's one thing we Seattle-ites love more than our coffee, it's our outdoor hobbies. According to Rainier Coffee Roasters, coffee is the "other" export of the Pacific Northwest-- second only to our love of nature and our rugged, outdoorsy spirit; for those who live here, those two loves go hand in hand.

Rainier Coffee Roaster's tagline is "Bold coffee for bold adventures": accordingly, their coffees are rich, well-developed medium and dark roasts, based on the traditional roasting style from Seattle's formative coffee days. A relatively new venture from some of Seattle's veteran coffee entrepreneurs, Rainier Coffee Roasters was founded on the belief that the bold, dark-roasted coffee of Seattle's past is an inspiration for coffee's future-- but only if it goes hand-in-hand with the lessons we've learned along the way. Rainier is proud of their sourcing partnership with local-favorite Slate Coffee, in order to source their beans with a throughly modern eye towards transparency, direct partnerships, fair trade, and environmental sustainability. After all, how can you name yourself after one of the Pacific Northwest's most iconic natural landmarks and NOT take your global impact seriously?

From the very first sip, we noticed a big difference in Rainier's coffee: clearly roasted with care, these coffees are dark but robust, rounded, never dry or thin. Their flavors are in balance, all those great dark, toasty notes, but with a soft finish, cream-like, that leaves you wanting more. Although their blends are their standards, we especially like Rainier's single origins, because it's a rare treat to enjoy a high-quality single origin with a more developed profile. I quizzed their roaster about his fantastic style: while he wouldn't divulge his secrets, he did tell me that years of working with light-roasted coffees has honed his method to create the perfect dark. It's almost like a Wizard of Oz story, or something Tolkien-esque-- going all the way on a journey through the varied, magical world of light coffees and then coming back home again to the traditional dark.

Whether you're setting off on your own adventure, or just coming back home from one, Rainier Coffee Roasters have you covered with their nod to classic, dark-roasted Seattle coffees. Brew boldly, and may the mountain be with you.

Coffees from Rainier Coffee Roaster have been reviewed 59 times, with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5.

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