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Medici Roasting • Austin, TX

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La Famiglia by Medici Roasting
Black Cherry, Cocoa, Toasted Nuts

About Medici Roasting

Named after the influential Medici family of Italy, whose reign in Florence brought about an environment where art and humanism flourished for centuries. Although not Italian themselves, owners Michael and Alison Vaclav admired the powerful Italian dynasty and identified with their desire to create legacy through supportive environments where intellectualism, creativity, and community can flourish.

In 2006 Medici opened their doors as a small neighborhood cafe looking to serve their Austin community. Over the years they became a staple of the local coffee scene, opening seven more cafes throughout the Austin area. After such wonderful success as a multi-roaster, they made the natural next step and began roasting their own coffee in 2019. Although they are relatively new on the scene as a coffee roasting company, Medici Roasting’s long history in the industry has made them an immediate hit as a roaster.

Coffees from Medici Roasting have been reviewed 12 times, with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5.

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