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Dancing Goats Coffee • Olympia, WA

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About Dancing Goats Coffee

It’s the 1980s again — where were you? If you were on the West Coast, you might remember the very beginnings of the “coffee scene”; you may even remember the very first cup of coffee that made you fall in love. Dancing Goats® Coffee was founded in the 1980s — the first coffee roaster in Olympia, Washington’s capital city — by a couple who decided to pursue their newfound passion.

Now 30 years later, Dancing Goats® Coffee is one of Olympia’s top destinations for freshly roasted, specialty coffee. A true marriage of the old and the new, their cafes are airy and bright, with wood-paneled walls and shiny copper trim. Their blends are nostalgic by nature — the Dancing Goats® Blend is named for one of their first espresso cafe — but fun by design. Really, what could be more fun than a Dancing Goat?

But with all the best modern classics, the modernity just elevates the classic to a new level. Dancing Goats® Coffee source their own beans, roast everything to order, and emphasize freshness in a way that resonates with real coffee lovers. They’ve won awards for their sustainable roasting techniques, and were the first 100% renewable energy powered coffee roaster in the US. They are the anti-snob, approachable and friendly, their website filled with brewing techniques, their coffee tasting room modeled after a winery experience, and their coffee roasted to be versatile, delicious by a dozen methods. No pretense, no hipsters, just a great cup. Brew a cup, tap your toes… before you know it, you might be dancing with the goats.

Coffees from Dancing Goats Coffee have been reviewed 90 times, with an average rating of 4 out of 5.

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