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Cup of Excellence • Portland, OR

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About Cup of Excellence

Cup of Excellence is the world's most rigorous and prestigious coffee competition. Based in Portland, Oregon, this non-profit holds competitions throughout 11 countries in Central America, South America, and Africa, with the mission to discover the very best small-lot coffees and reward the small, often-unknown farmers behind them. For a coffee farmer, winning a Cup of Excellence provides entry to an international market of coffee lovers to find, purchase, and appreciate these coffees. The COE gives farmers incentive to experiment with new varietals and processing techniques, knowing there can be financial reward and international recognition of their hard work and effort. Since 1999, the COE has awarded over 3,600 farmers, and raised over 50 million dollars to support and promote the farmers who grow world-class coffees.

The Cup of Excellence competition is intense: each lot of coffee that enters the competition will be cupped multiple times, by coffee professionals within the country and, during the final week, a group of international jurors. Each coffee is tasted blindly, meticulously scored, and each winning cup will have been tasted at least 120 separate times. Our own coffee curator, Maryna Gray, has participated with the Cup of Excellence in Peru and Colombia.

We are proud to work with the Cup of Excellence to deliver their world-class coffees, freshly-roasted, to our coffee-loving customers all over the United States.

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