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Why is cold brew coffee better?

almost 3 years ago by Suzanne F.
Tags: cold brew, iced coffee
1 response
Participant over 2 years ago
by Matthew B., Chief Coffee Wrangler
Taste, as they say, isn't disputable! That said, I've found that folks love cold brew for a few simple reasons:
  • It's generally less acidic than other kinds of brewing
  • Cold brew concentrate can be kept on hand for as long as a full week
  • The flavor profile of cold brewed coffee tends to the lighter and fruitier side
  • Many people prefer a cold drink in the warmer months
All of that said, if you haven't yet tried a good cold brew, it's high time!

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How do you make cold brew coffee at home?

almost 3 years ago by Robert G.
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Here's my simple recipe for cowboy cold brew. Pick a grinder setting half way between the most coarse setting and what you'd use for drip. Use a ratio of four parts water to one part... See full answer

How long does it take to cold brew coffee?

almost 3 years ago by Nathan I.
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The whole idea behind cold brew is to extract coffee from the grinds at a low temperature as a way of reducing the overall acidity of the brewed coffee. Heat, generally in the form of... See full answer

How do you make an iced coffee?

almost 3 years ago by Angela H.
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The easiest way to brew iced coffee is to use the so-called "Japanese" method. Use your normal brew method, but make three minor tweaks. First, use half the water you'd normally use. Second, grind the... See full answer