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Bean Box Cold Brew

Artisan iced coffee to enjoy at home, all day long.

Rich & Creamy
Intense chocolate-syrup notes, creamy texture, and a long rich finish.
Smooth & Bright
Guatemalan beans bring a smooth brightness with hints of vanilla and tangerine.
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Better mornings–now available all day long! Welcome to the cool new way to enjoy artisan coffee: freshly roasted, brewed to perfection, and curated for you. Bean Box Cold Brew features two exclusive, handcrafted flavor profiles to suit every palate: Rich & Creamy or Smooth & Bright, both created from microlots of 100% organic, fair-trade beans. Choose your favorite, or try them both, for your own curated cold brew tasting experience. Each Bean Box Cold Brew contains 1.5 liters of ready-to-drink coffee, no dilution required: just pop the tap, fill your glass, and chill out.

  • Two exclusive Cold Brew Coffees: Rich & Creamy and Smooth & Bright
  • Curated from our award-winning, artisan roasting partners
  • 100% Organic, Farm Direct coffee beans, Kosher certified
  • Made with freshly-roasted coffee and hand processed in small batches
  • Ready to drink, no dilution required
  • Each box contains 1.5 liters (50.7 fl oz) of iced coffee

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Why we know you’ll love Bean Box Cold Brew

Why we know you’ll love Bean Box Cold Brew

A Cool New Way to Enjoy Artisan Coffee

All coffee is different; why should all cold brew taste the same? Bean Box Cold Brew takes you on an iced coffee tasting adventure: enjoy two exclusive flavors, created in partnership with our award-winning roasters. Transform your (iced) coffee into a world-class tasting experience.

Expert curation

Expert Curation

Cold brew coffee done right: let us be your guide! Bean Box’s exclusive Cold Brews are developed by our curator Maryna Gray, a juror with the prestigious Cup of Excellence. With her expertise, and your sense of adventure, it’s never been easier (or more fun!) to dive into the world of specialty coffee.

Top Quality, Brewed to Perfection

Top Quality, Brewed to Perfection

No ifs, ands, buts, or old beans: quality and freshness are our core values. Bean Box Cold Brew features freshly-roasted, artisan coffees, processed with cutting-edge cold brew technology. You’ll taste the difference with every sip.

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Portofino Blend #73
Nutty, Chocolate, Hazelnut
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Ratings & Reviews

★★★★★ 6 reviews

Share your experience
Once I discovered cold brew, I was in love. Then, as a Bean Box customer, I discovered their cold brews, so thought I would give it a try. I was very excited when I received it. I liked them both very much, but the smooth and bright is my favorite. I would totally buy them again.
I knew I would love this!! what is not to love about pre-made cold brew?!? I will definitely be ordering the other kind!! :)
I got these because they were newly released and I was very satisfied. I usually drink light to medium roast coffee, so naturally I preferred the Smooth & Bright, but the Rich & Creamy was also very tasty.
This ready-to-drink cold brew coffee is rich & creamy. Lobe the idea of ready to drink. Really enjoy this new bean box cold brew.
We tried the Rich & Creamy, chocolatey with a nice lingering finish, enjoyable black, or with cream.
Smooth, very drinkable, and we appreciate the efficient packaging :)

Cold Brew Perks

Coffees available only through Bean Box.

Exclusive Access

Rare, hard-to-find microlots

Coffees available only through Bean Box.

Free Shipping

On all plans & orders $30+

Coffees available only through Bean Box.

Bean Box Credits

5% back to enjoy more coffee

Coffees available only through Bean Box.


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Cold Brew FAQs

What is the difference between “cold brew” and iced coffee?

Cold brew is a technique for making iced coffee. Cold brew coffee is made using cool, or room temperature water, extracted over a longer period of time. This results in a different, richer flavor profile than conventionally-brewed coffee served cold.

How is Bean Box Cold Brew made?

Our cold brew is made from freshly roasted beans, brewed with BKON’s patented RAIN technology. RAIN uses multiple cycles of vacuum infusion to extract and preserve the flavors of the beans. This results in a cold brew that’s full-bodied, clean, and delicious-- just like artisan coffee should be!

How long will Bean Box Cold Brew keep?

Bean Box Cold Brew will stay fresh for up to 2 weeks after opening.

Do I need to dilute the cold brew?

Nope! Our cold brew coffee comes ready to drink.

Is cold brew less acidic than regular coffee?

Yes, one of the benefits of cold brew coffee is a slightly lower acidity. Studies have shown that cold brew coffees contain a lower concentration of acidic compounds than normal, hot-brewed coffees. Most of us won’t notice the difference, but it may be kinder to coffee lovers who are especially sensitive.

Have more questions? Feel free to call us on +1-888-923-8596 or email

Bean Box mission

From the Curator

We tend to think of “iced coffee” as a generic drink, but in reality, it’s anything but! From the clean, iced-tea appeal of lighter, fruitier roasts to the bold, dessert-like richness of darker roasts, I wanted to create a curated tasting of how different, and dynamic, iced coffees can be. Maybe you’ll prefer one flavor in the morning, or another in the afternoon: whatever your preference, our Cold Brews are designed to delight. I hope you enjoy!

Maryna Gray, Curator & Cup of Excellence Juror

Welcome to Bean Box. If you encounter any difficulty using our Web site, please call us on +1-888-923-8596 or email us at delight at bean box dot com (