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Kuma Coffee - Sun Bear Iced Coffee Blend

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Sun Bear Iced Coffee Blend (#84)

Kuma Coffee


(Earn up to $1.90 in Bean Box Credit)

Roast: Light roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Blend

Tastes: Grape, Chocolate, Berry

Bean Box Breakdown

‘Tis the season for iced coffee, and Kuma’s got you covered: this sweet cup is delicious both hot and chilled down. Can’t decide? Flip a coin: today, both sides are lucky.

Kuma Coffee Story

The sun is out. Chill down with some of our Summer seasonal blend, Sun Bear. Sun Bear is comprised of South American and African coffees to introduce the flavors that stand out in a beautiful iced drink. Look for notes of chocolate, berries, grape, floral notes and intense sweetness. Sun Bear makes amazing iced flash brewed coffee, great cold brew coffee and great hot filter coffee. Cheers to summer!

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Order by 3PM PST. Get it by Saturday, July 27. Can also ship roasted-to-order on Jul 31 (1-3 day typical delivery).
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Customer Reviews

45 customer reviews  write a review

"Good solid coffee. I could taste the fruity and chocolate notes and had a little smooth richness to it. Brewed french press."

"This is a solid blend with a bright scent. I usually just pull shots for normal lattes, but do occasionally go for an iced coffee (especially now in the hot summer months). So if you're wanting iced, I'd definitely recommend it! I tried it hot and that wasn't bad either, but best iced for sure."

"I tried it hot, both french press and pour over. With french press i got a lot of fruity notes - very vibrant. With pour over it was a bit bland and almost felt stale. Will try pour over again with a finer grind. "

"Brewed in my french press. Was a good cup of coffee- didn't try it cold but as it cooled it was good. Smooth with berry notes."

"Our new official favorite!! Although we have yet to try it iced, it is an AMAZING hot brew. This coffee has SOOO much flavor. The fruity, and a hint of sweet are defiantly the dominant notes. Makes for an amazing summer brew!!"

"I love this stuff and would find any opportunity to drink Kuma iced year round. It's just as tasty hot, too!"

"Yum - delicious hot or iced. chocolate, berry, grape - all accurate. Made via chemex."

"The only flavor of this brand that I personally did not care for. It was fresh with a great light brew, but had an unpleasant sour taste. It does recommend it for a cold brew so maybe it would be better that way."

"Although it was not made as a cold brew this blend was great"

"Definitely do not try to do a hot brew pour over out of this one."

"Overall good blend, nothing special about it. On the darker side with notes of chocolate and very sweet."

"Ordered this as an extra to try an iced coffee - we enjoyed it both hot and iced. Nice fruity flavor."

"This is the PERFECT iced Coffee blend. It's mild, and not bitter with enough depth to keep it interesting cup after cup. Will reorder!"

"I like iced coffee now and then, especially in the Summer time. I bought this since it was strictly for that purpose. Awful, no taste and just was overall disappointing. I'll stick with my regular coffee as it's worked great hot or cold."

"Enjoyed this overall, nothing amazing but enjoyable and old school. I probably should have tried making I've coffee with it. "

"Very refreshing---and I actually liked this better hot than iced! My housemate made it iced and I tried some of it and the berry taste is VERY strong. So, if you're not looking for anything fruity, do not purchase this, but if you're willing to try new flavors, check this one out!"

"More fruity and sour than we prefer, but decent body and more richness which will stand up well to being iced."

"Very light and does work well as an iced coffee as well as hot"

"Great summer coffee. I made both hot and cold. Taste great both ways!"

"Really enjoyed the grape and chocolate taste, made it with a pour over very yummy!"

"Enjoyed the chocolate and berry notes. Prepared as a autodrip and pour over. Smooth. "

"I love a great grape flavor! Love Kuma Coffee and all they have to offer! "

"Beautiful summer coffee. This blend was beautiful when brewed iced Japanese style & was good as cold brew stepped for 16hrs. However, this coffee truly shined with the Japanese style compared too cold brew."

"We drank this coffee HOT and were not super impressed with the flavor. I would like to try other coffees from this roaster that are not designated as "iced" to be able to compare. "

"This coffee was good hot, but amazing as an iced pour over. Easily the best iced I have ever had!"

"Despite the name I drank this as a hot shot of espresso; that's how I roll. chocolate and berries dominate in this rich and bright blend. Roasted 7/10/17 enjoyed on 9/10/17."

"Definitely a favorite. Didn't try it iced but it was a good rich warm brew. Had a berry aftertaste but was not overpowering."

"The delicate flavors and sweetness balances this perfectly for iced coffee. It's dangerously good on a hot day - I could drink it all day."

"Kuma has one of the most consistent roasts I've tried here at Bean Box. Can really taste the Berry and chocolate flavors here in this roast. Always fresh, this is a best-of-Kuma in my opinion."

"Well balanced, good cup on any occasion, sweet finish, very nice"

"Very light and delicate, just about perfect for iced coffee."

"This made a really good cold brew. I normally add a touch of cream to my coffee but this one is a bit sweeter than most with a berry background. It is definitely lighter than what I prefer but still had lots of flavor. "

"interesting blend very light defintley can taste the berry notes, i prefer something a little darker and chocolaty"

"Definitely a great iced coffee choice goes great with a flavored creamer or some sweetener! "

"My family adores this particular roast, especially as a hot coffee roast. Yes, we know it is a useful roast for those who enjoy the refreshing, chilling taste of an iced coffee, but something about this roasts begs you also drink it hot. If you're unsure due to the tasting notes, be brave. Worth it!"

"This makes a delicious iced coffee as well as hot. It is nice and light and doesn't really even need milk."

"I enjoyed this light roast coffee. It had a very light and mild taste. I couldnt taate any chocolate notes, but i did enjoy this coffee."

"I liked this roast a lot. I brewed it hot however, so I don't know how this would taste cold. I enjoyed this cup in all it's lighter berry glory..."

"This is really good I brewed the entire bag in my toddy.great on a hot summer day."

"Tasted great flash brewed, as instructed. Also good hot. Nice blend."

"We drank it hot but still liked it a lot. Nice light flavors, good for an afternoon cup. Revision once we cold brewed it - even more of YUM!! Sweet, berry notes, A nice well balanced coffee, great for cold brew concentrate."

"A great rich coffee for cold brew or to make Japanese style. Yummy. "

"cold brewed this coffee was fresh and delicious made smooth with a splash of cream"

"Wonderful for iced coffee and pretty decent hot too."

"This is a great, low-acid roast that has an incredibly smooth mouthfeel and finish. I love it both iced and hot."

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