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The Perfect Cup — Get your coffee questions answered

We’re all coffee lovers on a quest for the perfect cup. Ask away in our coffee forum, and get answers to all your coffee questions.

Why does coffee taste sour?

over 2 years ago by Gregory V.
2 responses

Let's dig into some possible causes of the sour taste. One common cause is under extracting the coffee during the brewing process. This happens when not enough flavor is taken out of the coffee grounds... See full answer

Why is my coffee bitter?

over 2 years ago by Rebecca P.
2 responses

Let's get to the bottom of your bitter coffee problem. Starting from the top [clever], here is a quick checklist for removing the bitter from your morning cup. Stale Coffee Beans How old is your... See full answer

How do you make coffee while camping?

over 2 years ago by Tabitha P.
1 response

For a few ideas, check out our piece on " Four Easy Ways to Brew Coffee Outdoors ". Once you've decided on a brew method (whether fancy, like the Minipresso, or simple, like cowboy coffee),... See full answer

What's the best way to make a mocha?

over 2 years ago by Lindsay L.
1 response

Making the perfect homemade mocha is one part recipe and two parts quality ingredients. In this case, freshly roasted coffee and artisan chocolates vs. the cheap sugary stuff. Here's a quick recipe. You can read... See full answer

What is the best organic coffee?

over 2 years ago by Sean A.
1 response

An organic coffee label tells us the coffee was farmed, processed, and roasted in a way that meets the FDAs requirements for Certified Organic. It also tells us the farm applied and paid for the... See full answer

What's the best way to store coffee beans?

over 2 years ago by Andrew F.
1 response

Storing coffee properly is easy, once you know what you're trying to solve for: preventing oxidation (spoiling) by limiting (as much as possible) exposure to air, moisture, and sunlight. Resealable coffee bags and tins are... See full answer

Can coffee go bad?

over 2 years ago by Jeramy I.
1 response

Yes, yes, and yes. The "staling effect" in coffee is very well understood, but unfortunately that hasn't yet been recognized in the marketing and sale of most coffee in the United States. For a great... See full answer

How long is coffee good for?

over 2 years ago by kevin W.
1 response

Once coffee is roasted the clock is ticking. Freshly roasted coffee is full of rich flavor with no bitter edge. As a general rule, coffee is at peak freshness for 2-3 weeks off of roast.... See full answer

What is the best brewing method for coffee?

over 2 years ago by David C.
1 response

It doesn't matter how you cut it. Brewing coffee is simply pouring hot water over coffee grounds. However, with the amount brewing methods and techniques available you would think a special degree or certification is... See full answer

What is organic coffee?

over 2 years ago by Kaitlyn W.
1 response

For a great overview of what we think about organic coffee, have a look at our blog post " Organic Coffee: Fact and Fiction ". The TL/DR summary is pretty simple: if you're looking for... See full answer