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What's the best coffee maker on the market?

Asked by Emily Y.

Topics: brewing, pour over
One of our roasters has a great way of joking about how much thought, love, technology and innovation goes into the simple act of brewing coffee: "it's just coffee and water, so what could go wrong?"

On the commercial front, I'm a huge fan of robotic pour over machines. The Poursteady is a great example of this method, and basically simulates an eight-armed pour over barista. The consumer version of this, which I use at home, is the Chemex Ottomatic, which uses a shower-head like faucet to simulate adding water in a circular fashion.

The SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America) has a certification program, which lists about a dozen brewers they recommend. Among them, the Bonavita BV1900TS is a fantastic example of a simple machine that produces consistently delicious coffee.

All of that said, the very best coffee maker is what the Italians call the fourth "M" of the coffee experience, the Mano, or skilled hand of the barista. Of all the brewers I've personally tried, few of them quite match the delicate output of a well-done manual pour over. But when time's at a premium, as it so often is, these days it's possible to get an amazing cup without investing in kitchen robotics!

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