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What is the most expensive coffee you can buy?

Asked by Abigail P.

There's a stock answer for this: poop coffee! All kidding aside, some people are willing to pay a super premium for Kopi Luwak or other coffees which are fermented inside an animal such as a civet or an elephant. The digestion process separates cherry and bean by way of strong fermentation, which adds a level of sweetness to the bean once "harvested".

Panama "Geisha" coffees also fetch a major price premium. Hacienda La Esmeralda is known for growing some of the most exquisite examples of this coffee, and a pound, roasted, can retail for several hundred dollars.

Other well-known pricey coffees include Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee and Kona coffee. An affordable way to taste the latter is our Hawaiian Coffee Sampler, in which you'll find great examples of both 100% Kona and 100% Oahu.

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