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If I like Stumptown coffee, what other coffees would I like?

almost 3 years ago by Suzanne M.
Tags: selecting coffee, light coffee
1 response
Participant over 2 years ago
by Ryan F., Chief Coffee Schemer
Stumptown Coffee set the tone for lightly roasted coffee coming out of Portland. Their coffee profiles are fruit forward with splashes of cherry, apple, and apricot upfront and round out with toffee and fudge notes. If you enjoy Stumptown Coffee, I would give these Seattle coffee roasters a try: Kuma Coffee, Broadcast Coffee Roasters, Slate Coffee Roasters, and Conduit Coffee Company. These award-winning Seattle roasters are like chefs uncovering the unique attributes of every coffee with a lighter roast profile. They're also incredibly meticulous about the micro lots they buy from. Give them a try!

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