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How do you make cold brew coffee at home?

almost 3 years ago by Robert G.
Tags: iced coffee, cold brew
1 response
Participant over 2 years ago
by Matthew B., Chief Coffee Wrangler
Here's my simple recipe for cowboy cold brew. Pick a grinder setting half way between the most coarse setting and what you'd use for drip. Use a ratio of four parts water to one part ground coffee, and place together in a sealed jar over night. Filter like crazy through double sheets of paper towel. That's your concentrate. Refrigerate it. When you're ready to drink, use one part concentrate to roughly two or more parts water (adjust to taste). Beware: drinking the concentrate can give you a caffeine overdose, so make sure to re-dilute when you're ready to enjoy. Serve with ice.

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How do you make an iced coffee?

almost 3 years ago by Angela H.
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The easiest way to brew iced coffee is to use the so-called "Japanese" method. Use your normal brew method, but make three minor tweaks. First, use half the water you'd normally use. Second, grind the... See full answer

What's the best coffee for iced coffee?

almost 3 years ago by Nathan H.
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For cold brew and iced coffee, we recommend low-acid, medium roasts, especially those with caramel or chocolate notes. Generally, try to avoid coffees with specific flavor peaks (floral, fruity, or other), as these will stand... See full answer

How long does it take to cold brew coffee?

almost 3 years ago by Nathan I.
1 response

The whole idea behind cold brew is to extract coffee from the grinds at a low temperature as a way of reducing the overall acidity of the brewed coffee. Heat, generally in the form of... See full answer