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What makes Death Wish coffee so strong?

Asked by Shih-Miin Y.

Topics: caffeine, selecting coffee
I recently stumbled into the birthplace of Death Wish Coffee in Saratoga Springs, NY. It's strong on two counts: first, it's billed as super-caffeinated. Whether that's a result of bean selection or some other process, it's unclear. Second, their roasts generally skew towards the very dark end of the spectrum, and there's an overwhelmingly dark taste to all of their blends.

Since getting more caffeine is a simple matter of drinking a bit more coffee (always a Good Thing), I'm a big fan of leading with tastes that are rich and delightful, and brewing for strength (i.e. using slightly less water). That said, if strength is what you're looking for, try anything from Fundamental Coffee. It comes with a kick, and make your spoon stand straight up.

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