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The Perfect Cup — Get your coffee questions answered

We’re all coffee lovers on a quest for the perfect cup. Ask away in our coffee forum, and get answers to all your coffee questions.

What is shade grown and bird friendly coffee?

over 2 years ago by Xander M
2 responses

We get our coffee from about 25 different Seattle roasters and they source their beans from farmers all over the world. Bird friendly is a special certification for organic, shade grown coffees and requires inspection... See full answer

Is coffee good for your health?

almost 3 years ago by Sammy R.
2 responses

I'm not a doctor or a medical researcher so I'm not qualified to give medical advice. I will say: Coffee is one of the oldest and most consumed beverages on Earth. It's also one of... See full answer

How much caffeine is in decaf?

almost 3 years ago by Joe C.
2 responses

Decaf coffee is made by taking regular green coffee beans and running them through a chemical (sometimes organic) or Swiss Water process. This process strips the majority of caffeine out of the bean. However, various... See full answer

Where should I go to drink coffee in Seattle?

almost 3 years ago by S. Reddi
2 responses

According to an old tale, Seattle got its start in coffee when a dock worker found a mishandled bag of beans, roasted them himself, and started peddling them around town. Seattle was a frontier settlement... See full answer

How can I learn to truly taste coffee?

almost 3 years ago by R. Hatley
2 responses

You might drink coffee every day without thinking about it. Even more complex than wine, coffee has an incredible range of tasting notes and nuances developed by: where it's farmed, how it's processed, and roasted.... See full answer

Why is some coffee so expensive?

almost 3 years ago by C. Paulin
2 responses

You've probably noticed an increase in local coffee roasters and shops in your neighborhood. It's no surprise, specialty coffee is the fast growing segment of the coffee market. The promise of specialty coffee is better... See full answer

How do I know if I'm drinking good coffee?

almost 3 years ago by E.R. Warren
1 response

For me, there's a minimum threshold for knowing whether I'm drinking "good" coffee. If there's any hint of bitterness, which might be caused from a bean defect, improper roasting, or stale (read old) coffee, we're... See full answer

Should I keep my coffee beans in the freezer?

almost 3 years ago by R. Taylow
2 responses

Thanks for the question! This is one of the most common coffee myths we hear from people getting into drinking better coffee. You don't want to keep coffee beans in a freezer because moisture damages... See full answer

What are the best low-cost coffee equipment options?

almost 3 years ago by J. Dooley
1 response

I'll one up the question: how about almost no-cost? I'd argue that the minimum set of items needed to make great coffee is limited to: A way to boil water. Most people have kettles, but... See full answer

How do I get into coffee if I'm totally new?

almost 3 years ago by Q. Gomez
1 response

I always have the same suggestions for folks looking to "get into" coffee and brew better at home: Buy fresh beans. Look for a roasted on date that's within 1 week. We're happy to help... See full answer