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Single Origin Coffees and Their Seasons

Ever wonder why your favorite single origin coffee is only available part of the time? Read and discover when different beans are harvested.

Single Origins By Season 

Ever wonder why your favorite single origin coffee is only available part of the time? Coffee, like other fruits and vegetables, has growing seasons, which are determined by varietal and location. Coffee beans are harvested during the dry season, and the harvest/processing operations can last a number of weeks, as can the time it takes to then ship the beans to the U.S. and worldwide.

Unroasted coffee beans can last over a year in storage, but flavors will begin to fade over a period of time. Most specialty roasters prefer to roast coffee up to 6 months to a year from harvest, to ensure the most desirable flavor profile.

Although harvesting, processing, and shipping times will vary, here’s an idea of when some of your favorite single-origin green beans may begin popping up at your local cafe:

When single origins have been kept for the better part of a year, good roasters will stop selling them by themselves, and instead use them in blends with other ingredients, as the original flavors will have decayed over time. When in doubt, check the chart above, and remember to buy your coffee freshly roasted!

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