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The Difference Between Light & Dark Roast Coffees

Everyone has a preference for dark versus light roast coffee. How to know the difference, and the impact they have on the taste of your coffee.

Are you one of these people who avoid dark roasts like the plague? “No, I will not be having any of that black death in my morning cup. I like my coffee light and sweet.”

Or are you the opposite and prefer a brew that's super dark and will make your spoon stand on end in the morning?

We don’t judge. But here are some facts that will help you understand the difference:

Light Roasts

Dark Roasts

Here at Bean Box, we are equal opportunity coffee drinkers, but we often come across customers who have a taste preference, even though they might not really know about (or care about) the specific difference in roast profiles. We suggest that folks new to fresh coffee, and who are open to expanding our palates start by trying a range of roast profiles, and then trying to determine whether and/or which profile they prefer. But our general rule of thumb is that lighter roasts have more distinct flavor profiles, whereas darker ones feel more "roasted" to the taste buds. Either way, enjoy!

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