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The 5 Coffee Rules to Live By

There are certain things coffee lovers swear by to get the perfect cup. Here are 5 coffee rules to live by.

1. Keep Your Coffee Fresh

To truly experience the complex flavors and wonderful taste of coffee, you need to have fresh beans. After about 2-3 weeks from the time the coffee beans have been roasted, they begin to take on a bitter flavor and start to lose their aroma and flavor. This bitter taste can be attributed to sugars and oils leaving the beans, which causes them to spoil on the inside. This is why here at Bean Box we ship our coffee within 48 hours in order for every customer to receive their coffee at its peak freshness.

2. Why Water Matters

98% of your coffee is water, so the quality of your coffee is absolutely linked to the kind of the water you use for brewing. Water with a high mineral concentration can ruin the taste of a great coffee. Taking the time to filter your water goes a long way in making sure that you end up with a perfectly brewed cup of coffee.

3. Have Correct MEASUREMENTS

It is important to get into the habit of accurate measuring to brew a consistently delicious cup of coffee. We believe a good coffee ratio to work with is 16 (water)  to 1 (coffee). A small kitchen scale is a great tool to use in order to keep your measurements as accurate as possible.

4. Don’t Pre-Grind

Once you have ground up your coffee beans, you have about 48 hours until they start to become bitter and flavorless. This is why it is best to grind up your beans right before you brew to ensure freshness. Purchasing a personal grinder for your home makes it easy to grind on the spot and can be very reasonable in price. It only takes a moment to grind up your beans, and you will certainly notice the difference in taste if you brew your coffee right away as opposed to using older coffee grounds.

5. Small Batch is Better

Buying from small batch roasters versus the big guys has its perks. As opposed to pushing out a high volume of mass produced beans, small batch roasters focus on quality. The roasting process is an art and a science involving many different variables, such as water content, timing, temperature, and quantity. In a small batch facility, they take the time to control all of these variables. It is definitely worth making the switch, or at least trying out, coffee from small batch roasters: we promise you will experience coffee in a whole new way.

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