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Famous Coffees Drinks from Around the World

Every country has its own spin on the typical cup of joe. Here are some noteworthy (and delicious) coffees from around the world!

Turkish Coffee: Considered a social ritual, unfiltered coffee is prepared by brewing finely ground beans with spices like cardamom in a cezve (a special metal pot).

Mazagran: Called the “original iced coffee,” mazagran is an Algerian preparation of sweetened espresso over ice served with lemon and sometimes rum for an extra kick.

Karsk: In Scandinavian countries, two parts vodka or moonshine are mixed with one part coffee to make this intense cocktail, perfect for the freezing Scandinavian winters.

Butter Coffee: Traditionally, Tibetans add yak butter and salt to their tea. Buttered coffee can also be found in East Asia, Sweden, and Ethiopia, and cocktail afficionados know that coffee is an excellent addition to hot buttered rum.

Egg Coffee: Yes, you read that right. In Vietnam, whipped egg yolks and sugar are mixed with coffee to form a creamy treat which some say tastes like liquid tiramisu. Yum!

Hope you enjoyed these coffee drinks for across the globe! Let us know if you try any at home or have your own coffee recipe where you’re from.

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