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Ice Time: Cold Brew and Iced Coffee Season Is Now | Bean Box

The ultimate guide to making your own iced coffee and/or cold brew, without needing a lab coat or hipster creds.

It's that time of year again: cold brew and iced coffee are officially in season. While your local third wave cafe would have you believe that you need a lab coat and great hipster cred in order to brew your own, nothing could be easier. And cold coffee doesn't just refresh on hot summer mornings; brewing your own concentrate, which can last a full week, is a great way to have your favorite brew on tap in the fridge, just awaiting your next craving.

Nitro cold brew and flash iced coffee prep, here in the Beanery.

Here in the Beanery, we focus on three simple kinds of chilled delight during the warmer months:

For more details, here's a start-of-summer-worthy roundup of the details:

Finally, if you just want to get your hands on a few examples of coffees we think are great for either cold brew or iced coffee, we offer the Iced Coffee Sampler. However you stay cool this summer, we hope you'll try some of our recipes; remember, the sweetest brew is also the coolest.