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The Best Coffee and Chocolate Pairings

Chocolate and coffee make the perfect pair. Here is how to create the best coffee and chocolate pairings!

Photo by Wise Beans

Just like you and your Valentine, coffee and chocolate make a fabulous pair. Coffee enhances the flavors of chocolate, which makes it a great addition to any recipe where you want the chocolate taste to shine. Both coffee and chocolate have a variety of unique flavors, but when paired together they can create delicious combinations.

How to Make a Pairing

The most important thing to keep in mind when putting together a pairing is flavor combination. You want to think about the most basic flavors you might taste like sweet, sour, bitter, and salty. Sometimes these flavors can be straightforward while other times the flavor may be much more subtle.

Acidity in the coffee is another thing to pay attention to. Perceived acidity in coffee is a direct result of the coffee growing conditions as well as the altitude of the coffee. The acidity can either be enhanced or degraded depending on the way the coffee was roasted. Make sure you are using freshly roasted coffee to ensure the best quality cup.

Level of Complexity
The level of complexity in different coffees can vary. Some coffees exhibit deep layers of complexity, with strong flavors like dark chocolate or pepper. High quality coffee from Bolivia may display notes of chocolate and citrus and great acidity, whereas a Sumatran coffee can be very complex with flavor profiles that are earthy and sweet.

There are no rules set in stone about what chocolates go with certain coffees, so it is up to you to experiment! Bitterness can be balanced out well by sweet or salty flavors while tart can balance spice and sweetness. All these pairings will give you different results, so the goal is to try as much as you can and find what you think are the best combinations.

Coffee and Chocolate Paring Ideas
Here are a few coffee and chocolate pairings that taste great together.

and Dark Chocolates
If you’re looking for a romantic coffee and chocolate experience, try Middle Fork Roaster’s Full City Espresso with a bold dark chocolate. This smooth, rich roast also works well with chocolates with spices like cinnamon and nutmeg or caramel chocolates. Similar to a couple who has been together for many years, the creamy chocolate notes in this roast mimic the chocolate itself.

Spicy Chocolates and
Brazilian Roasts
This spicy love story starts with a Brazilian roast like this Brazil Sitio from Slate Coffee Roasters paired with a light or dark chocolate. Experiment with chocolates that have almonds or cashews to play nicely with the cranberry and fig tasting notes in this sweet coffee.

Fruity Chocolates and Guatemalan Roasts
Vashon Coffee Roasterie’s Guatemalan Reserve has hints of cherry, chocolate, and cocoa powder that balance with dark chocolates, chocolate with spices, or chocolates with a hint of vanilla or orange.

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