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Introducing Bean Box - Brewing Coffee Innovation | Bean Box

Introducing Bean Box, the premier coffee gift and subscription platform, with an emphasis on coffees hand roasted in Seattle, and delivered fresh.

   Bean Box is a new monthly coffee subscription, featuring freshly roasted coffee from Seattle's finest artisan roasters. What Makes Bean Box Different? Bean Box is about coffee discovery and freshness. Coffee discovery usually has more to do with proximity and convenience.  There are so many excellent roasters in Seattle, including Herkimer, Lighthouse, Victrola, Vivace, Longshoremen's Daughter, Ladro, Umbria, and Kuma.  Unless you live or work nearby, you probably haven't had a chance to experience them all.  That's why every month we hand-pick four roasts along with tasting notes and information from each roaster, and send them fresh to your doorstep.  The roasts come in 1.7 oz sample sizes so you can get sense for what you like without having to buy larger quantities from every roaster.  Then, when you fall in love with a roast, we make it seamless for you to order 12 oz bags. Freshness is a big deal when it comes to enjoying coffee.  Coffee loses its flavor, becomes bitter, and even appears oily if the coffee beans are old (we'll unleash some science in another post to explain why).  Most coffee experts and aficianados won't buy coffee beans if they were roasted more than a week ago. The coffee beans sold in grocery stores and brewed in some large coffee chains is often 2-3 weeks old, or worse.  We've even seen competitive coffee subscription offerings that boast about their beans being roasted 14 days old.  The reason these services can't offer fresher beans is because of shipping.  They have roasters all across the US shipping roasted beans to a central warehouse.  To do this inexpensively, they use standard mail.  Then, they pack the beans in a box and ship them to you with standard mail. With all of the back and forth traveling, I hope their beans have frequent flyer miles.  At Bean Box, we're located within a couple miles of dozens of roasters.  This makes it easy for us to pick up the freshly roasted beans within a day of roasting  and ship them to our coffee-loving customers (i.e. our beans only fly first class direct flights to you). We're so excited to get Bean Box up and running.  We hope you give us a try either as a personal subscription, or even a coffee gift for those coffee lovers/addicts in your life. Best, Ryan & Matthew     
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