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Acidity in coffee actually refers to specific flavor compounds as opposed to the PH level (acid or base).

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The Fair Trade movement is a complex knot of trading practices, social philosophies, labeling organizations, marketing tactics, and certification standards.

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Rip van Wafel produces delicious wafel treats that pair wonderfully with coffee. What are they and how do you properly enjoy a Rip van

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Having that daily cup of coffee might be healthier for us than we know. Here are some great health benefits of coffee.

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What is the best coffee for Espresso? While any coffee roast can be used to make espresso, here's how to find the right kind

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What makes coffees from around the world so different? Sip on facts about coffees from around the world and how they differ in taste.

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There are certain things coffee lovers swear by to get the perfect cup. Here are 5 coffee rules to live by.