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Batdorf and Bronson - Dancing Goats Blend

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Dancing Goats Blend (#788)

Batdorf and Bronson


(Earn up to $1.83 in Bean Box Credit)

Roast: Medium roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Blend

Tastes: Caramel, Cherry, Nutty

Scarcity: Seasonal

Bean Box Breakdown

This blend, Dancing Goats, has been a cafe staple for 33 years. Versatile and traditional, its classic flavors of toasted nuts, caramel, and chocolate dominate this simple, elegant cup, with muted background notes of dried fruits. Drink it black, drown it in milk, or pull it as an espresso: it's all good. Why dancing goats? In the remote highlands of 9th century Abyssinia, now Ethiopia, a lone goatherd named Kaldi noticed his goats were full of energy, dancing and prancing, after eating a small red fruit from a nearby shrub. Not wishing to be left out of the fun, he ate the cherries and soon he was dancing too. According to legend, Kaldi and his goats had discovered coffee. Brew a cup, tap your toes… before you know it, you might be dancing with the goats.

Batdorf and Bronson Story

Named for the legendary goats that discovered the spirit-lifting power of coffee, Dancing Goats is our best seller. Dark, smooth, and sweet, with a beautiful floral aroma; it has an exceptionally clean acidity with a heavy, nutty body. Its complexity makes for both a flavorful espresso with rich, rusty reddish-brown crema, as well as an excellent drip coffee.

Not Available

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Customer Reviews

11 customer reviews

"I was initially intrigued by the name of this blend, so I was excited to give it a try. This coffee is truly decadent and packed with flavor. I tried this blend in both the french press and as a drip coffee and found it to be delicious using either method!"

"Really liking his blend, not too bitter so it’s great as a hot or iced espresso application. There are sweet after notes that aren’t artificially tasting."

"I drank this hot from the french press and it was really good. It's nice and bold, but not bitter. It has a tiny hint of cherry, but the cherry flavor isn't very bold. "

"Nice cherry flavor in a medium to medium dark roast. Drank black from french press. "

"nice and bold and molassas-y. not much cherry in there. "

"We loved this roast! Low on bitterness, high on caramel and nuts! If you are a fan of medium roasts, this medium-dark roast is probably for you! Enjoy! Will order again!"

"This coffee was rather forgettable. I would drink it again if it were in front of me, but I wouldn't seek it out. "

"Was a bit dark & too earthy, black tea like for me. Wasn't totally brimming with flavors, could taste a little bit of molasses, but not much. Just wasn't for me. "

"we have purchased coffee a few times before. A few of the local coffee shop sell from B and B. This was not one of our favorite blends. A little darker than we typically enjoy. Mild acidity, with dark sugar and nut flavors. Not a bad coffee just not as well suited to our tastes."

"I love this coffee for sure! Nice bold, rich flavor. Yet quite balanced. Not overly sweet or fruity."

"Did not get a proper grind because my grinder is messed up, but nonetheless I could tell this definitely lacked flavor. Nothing really stood out though nothing was that bad either. french press."

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