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Caffe Vita - Caffe Del Sol Espresso

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Caffe Del Sol Espresso (#328)

Caffe Vita


(Earn up to $1.85 in Bean Box Credit)

Roast: Medium roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Blend

Tastes: Butterscotch, Nutty, Chocolate

Bean Box Breakdown

Roughly translated, Caffe Del Sol means “coffee of the sun.” With such rich, dark chocolate and butterscotch notes, this roast will light up your morning.

Caffe Vita Story

Our signature espresso blend is rich and complex with aromas of dark chocolate, butterscotch and praline. A deep, silky, amber crema with a sweet, caramel finish.

Not Available

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Customer Reviews

39 customer reviews

"My go to drink: espresso shot based latte (no sweetener) This bean offers consistent and smooth chocolaty taste, however I find it not strong enough to pull through steamed milk in a cup of latte. Have to add sweetener to bring out the prominent notes. "

"Smooth and balanced with just enough sweetness to be a special treat."

"I generally lean bold, but this one was a nice break from the bold. No bitterness, nice and smooth, and went well up into a latte."

"I bought a sample box and tried all four of them. This was my favorite coffee because it isn’t weak but isn’t bitter and has a delicious butterscotch flavor which makes it taste like caramel."

"Very good strong dark coffee. Good and smooth finish out of a drip coffee maker. "

"Nice and silky, sweet finish, also makes an excellent concentrated coffee with an aeropress"

"I found Caffe Del Sol to be pretty mild to be considered an espresso. The subtle notes of chocolate however were amazing."

"Has become a favorite for espresso beverages in my house!"

"This was a nice coffee, but not one of our favorites. Could not taste the butterscotch like we had hoped."

"This is great coffee period. This is a great morning coffee with it's bright chocolate notes and rich textures. I'd highly recommend using the beans for espresso drinks. Making it via other methods makes a roughly 4-star coffee, but still a great cup."

"I had been wanting to try Caffe Vita for a while. It was good! I would order it again. "

"great rich flavor in this espresso blend. I thought it paired well with a splash of toffee or hazelnut flavoured syrup to bring out the warm nuttiness."

"Very rich, great as espresso or a cappuccino. We both liked it!"

"I didn't realize this was an espresso blend when I ordered it, so I won't let that effect my review. The rich nutty and creamy flavor of this blend made me a fan instantly. It is heavily caffeinated and I decided to share my bag, but that is my only criticism of this blend."

"Good but not great. Has a bit of tang that I'm not too crazy about, but still a decent cup of coffee. I make it with an aeropress and drink it black. "

"This is a good one, we all enjoyed it which rarely happens ;-) "

"This roast gets me, it's one of my go tos now. Excellent balance without being at all bland. I usually make a little macchiato but just drink this one straight with the cream on top!"

"chocolate flavor close enough to the real thing to satisfy a craving - so good! If you’re familiar with the candy Riesen, that’s what this coffee tastes like. "

"Caffe Vita gets me. Beautiful dark coffee with creamy caramel and butterscotch flavors. No creamer needed for this. Smooth and wonderful"

"Not bad, nice little sweetness from butterscotch...."

"This is ok. A medium roast, could have been a bit stronger. It made a nice latte. Smooth, not bitter. "

"This was a medium nutty good blend that was good in espresso, could have been stronger. "

"This is a middle of the road flavor to me. Nothing special to note; I probably wouldn't buy a full bag but I enjoyed trying it."

"This was my favorite of the choices I made this mo th, bolder then some but no acidity, very smoothe."

"I'm all about some caffe vita.this was amazing extremely smooth.i would take this every month "

"Loved this coffee. I drank it with a bowl of oatmeal this morning. "

"Not bad. This coffee consistently left a nice crema with each cup. It was great to wake up to on these cool fall mornings."

"Excellent coffee. My go to when I'm out and about town."

"Solid blend. Brewed this one as a "condensed" aeropress which seemed to draw out some of the lighter notes of the coffee. A bit brighter than I expected but a good choice for fans of medium roasts who want a bit more depth."

"My absolute favorite in my December box. Ordered a bag right away. I usually go for darker roasts, but this was my favorite. "

"I'm a french press lover but this goes way above and beyond to pull out every flavor in this roast. Beautiful dark roast without the heavy after cling of the typical darker profiles. "

"Though this is an espresso I did have this as a drip coffee. I really enjoyed it and found it to be dark without being overly roasted. Rich and lovely."

"This coffee is rich, yet smooth. A dark roast done very well."

"Rich tasting without being too dark. Could definitely taste the butterscotch, and it was not too overwhelming. My favorite in this month's box!"

"Very nice. As it cooled, I could definitely taste the butterscotch. I prefer lighter roasts, but this is a very smooth and lovely darker roast."

"One of my favorite darker roasts. Their espresso blend is delish. "

"HEAVEN in a cup. Our absolute fave from this box. It's rich and bold and nutty with a hint of sweetness. Can't wait to order more."

"Definitely a new favorite! I have realized I prefer these espresso blends the most, as my other favorite coffee from Bean Box has also been one. The flavors can't be beat! "

"Okay. I loved this espresso. So much so I've logged in with the intent to buy a bag. Because if I don't, with my luck, they will run out. I've learned that the hard way before. I didn't realize the coffees are seasonal and sell out quickly. Anyhow, made this in the aeropress and french press. Great!"

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