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Vashon Island Coffee Roasterie - Costa Rica Reserve

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Costa Rica Reserve (#401)

Vashon Island Coffee Roasterie


(Earn up to $1.80 in Bean Box Credit)

Roast: Medium roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Single Origin

Tastes: Caramel, Nutty, Chocolate

Scarcity: Seasonal

Bean Box Breakdown

A tale of two countries: Colombia meets Costa Rica in this fantastic brew, lovingly roasted for a burnt-caramel sweetness. Pura Vida!

Vashon Island Coffee Roasterie Story

Sourced from a third-generation female Colombian grower, this coffee is a wonderful mix of tradition and personality. Soft nutty notes and a crisp, refreshing finish. Perfect with dessert, especially chocolate.

Not Available

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Customer Reviews

48 customer reviews

"Brewed traditional drank in the early morning got the nuttyness"

"This has been one of my favorite blends. Well done Vashon Island"

"morning starter to fend off the cold blowing days of winter very enjoyable with a piece of homemade cinnamon bread"

"We love Vashon roasters. This coffee is smooth and nutty. Drank black from french press. "

"Great coffee -- dark, shiny beans with great aroma - the coffee is bold but not dark and overwhelming...the flavor is light and smooth enough that I could drink this all day. Just subtle sweetness with light hints of like a bittersweet chocolate covered hazelnut. "

"Smooth and nutty, our favorite in this month's box. "

"This is sweet and chocolatey like I like -- and also nutty! It has a pleasant thick mouthfeel. Very drinkable. I make mine in a french press and serve with milk and sugar."

"Very mild coffee. Good flavor with little to no aftertaste. Mild acidity and smooth chocolate flavor. Not overly complex but a good cup of black coffee."

"Such a pleasure drinking this every morning. Sweet, nutty, with a rich caramel flavor. Perfect for french press."

"Unlike the description here, the bag said toasted nuts and cacao nibs, flavors which certainly came through. I liked the slight bitterness of the cacao nibs taste and it was overall quite a smooth cup with a very clean, pleasing finish. It was just too light bodied for me. Cream next time. :)"

"This one was too bold for me. I didn't detect any of the nuttiness or caramel notes. It was overwhelmingly dark and bitter."

"Oh my god. This is a medium-dark roast that is BOLD. I am definitely buying a bag of this. I did not taste caramel in this, I tasted dark chocolate. I was going to try my other samples but I had to go bakc for a second cup this morning. Flavor stays for a while, even while the coffee cools."

"Brewed with a french press and had a good smooth flavor from start to finish. The nutty notes were present and overall it was a solid medium roast. "

"This was a good one. It tasted like a much darker coffee than it actually was. Full-bodied with just a hint of sweetness. "

"Oh goodness this one was yummy! Although it does taste like a slightly lighter roast than medium, the flavor profile is amazing! I love the essence of toasted nuts on a fall morning, topped off with a cocoa after taste to die for! Would definitely order this one again!"

"wow, a new favorite!! in the french press of pour over, it has a sweet nutty-ness (and not in a bad way). wish a dash of milk, its amazing"

"Always a fan of Vashon Island Coffees, and this one did not disappoint. A great morning sipper, delicious with whipped cream poured right on top! "

"This is my go to. I got it in a monthly sample bag and had to buy it. I drink more coffee now than ever. "

"This came with my latest Coffee Subscription. I liked it so much I served a cup to my husband and he liked it as well. A darker coffee without any hint of bitterness. Husband sensed the hint of chocolate and nuttiness in coffee. Have it on my next order."

"This was a good medium roast, very good for flavor from start to finish."

"Delicious, smooth flavor. No acidity. Worked great with or without creamer. I could really taste the nuttiness and cocoa without being overwhelmed by them. "

"This is the first coffee I've enjoyed black and not wanted to add creamer to! No more grocery store coffee for me!"

"A very smooth cup of coffee. I did not taste any acidity. I thought it was a solid medium roast."

"Very good flavor. I could drink this everyday. Smooth cup"

"A lively cup with several distinct but harmonious flavors. Really enjoyed this with breakfast food and after, by itself."

"One of the best medium roast coffees I have come across. The flavor is nice and mild, not overly oily or burnt. Perfect morning cup of coffee. Brewed with french press, the coffee gets a nice head and amber color. "

"Good medium blend. A good go to coffee in the morning!"

"It was too strong for me. But with milk is ok. nutty notes are rich and strong. Good as a dessert!"

"I brewed it with a pour over, it was really easy to drink and well balanced. "

"I ground this and brewed it with a regular filter machine. I loved it. Really smooth and just dark enough."

"Nice cup, smooth finish, brewed with moccamaster. No specific flavor notes jump out at me, but its smoothness works."

"Bold flavor, no acidity. This is a delicious medium roast that really presents full flavor with some heavy whipping cream. I drink bulletproof coffee (butter and coconut oil) occasionally, so I can appreciate the rich buttery flavor of this blend."

"Didn't do much for me. Little too dark for my taste. Brewed with Bee House pour-over."

"It was a good medium roast coffee, but I'm glad it was only a sample. I noticed the buttery mouth feel and the chocolate/nutty taste. I had this in the morning as a pour-over, drank about half of it, and then remembered I still had some left. I had it after it cooled off and it was still decent."

"Great medium roast coffee, with a nice buttery mouth feel. It was great when brewed with a french press."

"This coffee was a little darker than I prefer. I didn't really pick up the caramel or nuts."

"This was my favorite from the sampler pack I received. Made a very nice espresso, for an iced latte. "

"This one was alright... too dark for my taste, but with some sugar it made it decently sweet and not as dark."

"I had this coffee with an aero press. It was good, not great. I wasn't able to appreciate the tasting notes mentioned on the package. "

"Delicious!! Would definitely buy on my own! Could be a breakfast regular."

"The sweetness works well with an evening cup. And girl power! I like this in a french press. "

"A decent basic cup of coffee. Nothing special about it. "

"Awesome medium blend; not too acidic, loaded with flavor. I used this for iced coffee and it hit the spot. Would definitely recommend. "

"My husband and I both really enjoyed this coffee! The given tasting notes are spot on, a wonderful nutty caramel taste, which is smooth and not bitter at all. We received this in our last sample box, and will likely buy a full bag. "

"I tried it with chocolate as recommended and it tasted great it balanced out the chocolate and made it taste even more scrumptious."

"Great medium roast coffee, with a nice buttery mouth feel. It never brightens, and it's not acidic at all. If you want a nice mellow cup off coffee to warm you up on the porch on a crisp spring day this is the perfect compliment."

"I received this as my February shipment. It was great for both espresso and drip coffee. I thought it was especially good for an iced latte. Tasting notes of chocolate and a little nutty. I would recommend."

"Received this as one of four coffees in my Costa Rican sampler. I started with this one since it is a medium roast and I usually prefer light roasts. Made with chemex, smooth, balanced with nice caramel chocolatey notes. A satisfying cup. "

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