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Brazil Canaan Estate (#255)

Middle Fork Roasters


(Earn up to $1.73 in Bean Box Credit)

Roast: Medium roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Single Origin

Tastes: Sugar Cane, Nutty, Chocolate

Bean Box Breakdown

It's rare to see Cup of Excellence-quality coffee from Brazil pass through the U.S. and, after trying this one, we asked Middlefork to put a little aside, just for us. Lots of great coffee comes out of the Carmo de Minas region, within the foothills of the Sierra de Mantiqueira mountains, but this one takes the... chocolate chip cookie! We nicknamed this one the "cookie dough coffee" because of its distinct sweet cookie flavor. Perfectly roasted for a comforting toastiness, just shy of tasting dark: a smooth, medium roast with appealing balance. A real treat for coffee lovers, and a true gem from the world's largest coffee-producing country.

Middle Fork Roasters Story

We are lucky to have gotten our hands on this excellent Brazilian micro-lot, a Cup of Excellence contender from this past year with an average score in the 90s. Canaan Estate is a small farm, producing coffee since the early 1900s, recently upgraded and improved with more plants, education, and processing equipment. We're the only roaster in the U.S. with this particular coffee and we're keeping our fingers crossed about getting some next year too! Varietal Yellow Catuai, dry natural process. This year's lot is extremely low acid, with a front-forward profile of earthy, nutty chocolate that leads into a caramelized sugar flavor. Incredibly smooth, clean finish.

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Order by 3PM PST. Get it by Saturday, July 27. Can also ship roasted-to-order on Jul 31 (1-3 day typical delivery).
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Customer Reviews

170 customer reviews  write a review

"Not sure if I recieved a bad batch or what... Struggling very much to taste the notes, pretty dry finish too. Also, tasting notes on the package are different from the ones listed on the website too. Seems odd and not too happy about that. I can say at least there isn't much bitterness 2beans."

"A very good, solid coffee that you simply can't go wrong with. I originally tried a multi-sampled beanbox and this one was my highest rated one for sure. In terms of cost/taste ratios, this one is tough to beat."

"Excellent single-origin with a unique "cookie dough" scent that carries into the brew. Very low acidity with rich mouthfeel. There is a bit of bitterness that enters the brew as it cools to room temperature, but overall, very good cup. "

"This coffee was SO smooth I can actually drink it with no milk! The flavor is sweet and tastes lighter than it looks. I will definitely be ordering it again. "

"It was okay. Different from what I'm used to, but I don't think I'd purchase it again."

"I made this coffee in a Yama siphon with a cloth filter, the resulting coffee was very, very good. Really smooth mouth feel, great taste! Highly recommend trying this coffee and a siphon coffee maker, it is one of the best ways to make coffee."

"Honestly, this is the best coffee I've ever tasted! I made this using my french press, and loved how smooth the blend is! I drank this black, and was impressed by how smooth it was. The caramelized sugar flavor was just enough!"

"Very good nutty and chocolate with a smooth finish. Can’t go wrong yummy"

"This is a perfect medium roast coffee. I have somewhat of a sensitive palate when it comes to roast intensity and this certainly is amenable to that. It's great in a drip pot or a french press, and is a very excellent workhorse coffee. "

"Such a pleasure to drink. I was truly upset when I realized all of it was gone. "

"Very nice flavor, a little bit strong for what I normally like but still enjoyed this coffee! Loved the chocolate flavors."

"My absolute favorite coffee I’ve tried so far. Flavor is exquisite. My coworkers also enjoy it very much. "

"I like this single origin. Really smooth, balanced, earthy. It didn't leave a bitter aftertaste and was really delicious"

"This one was pretty dark for my taste. But, for a dark roast, its delicious!"

"Great tasting coffee. It was very smooth and refreshing."

"Nice coffee but surprised not to love it since it said Cup of Excellence contender. Could not detect cookie dough flavor."

"I received this in a trial box and would definitely order a full bag. It is smooth with no acidity. My palate isn't sophisticated enough to pick out the chocolate chip cookie notes, but still a solid coffee."

"Good pourover. Very sweet. Used a v60 and didnt add cream or sugar."

"I tried this as a sample, but could easily see myself ordering a bag. A lot of people saying this was too dark, but it seemed to be perfect for me. As someone relatively new to the coffee drinking club, I found this one to be very smooth."

"Pretty good coffee, but I had a hard time getting a really good flavor out of it. It ended up being too sour or bitter. "

"Good smooth coffee, with zero acidity! Enjoyed this one very much."

"Full flavored. A coffee to sit on the front porch with and enjoy."

"Nice subtle aroma and a natural sweetness. Very nice blend of flavors. Though I wouldn’t have described it as cookie like, I can definitely get some of those tastes. It’s a really nice not too light not too dark naturally sweet and flavorful roast. I’ll buy it again. "

"This was the first coffee I tried and i immediately ordered a bag. Nice flavor, with a touch of caramel. Smooth and full bodied . I will keep ordering this! "

"This coffee truly did have a cookie taste. I brewed it in my french press an enjoyed it with a little bit of sugar and some vanilla almond milk. It was the perfect cup to enjoy on a quiet morning."

"We liked this. I don't think it totally lived up to the description, but it was good. very smooth and creamy"

"The caramelized sugar is a great flavor note. It's one of my favorites."

"Drank this tasty little endever this morning rich bold and some how smooth I get chocolate but no cookie which is just fine. I did add some half and half to this so I might not call it a cookie dough but I would definitely call it chocolate and cream a winner."

"Definitely the favorite out of my first sampler pack! Sweet, and a little nutty, just like my hubby. "

"A little dark for my taste, but fairly flavorful and not too bitter."

"A tad darker than my preference, but so so delicious! chocolate and caramel blend beautifully in your morning cuppa! "

"4.1 I enjoyed the sugar cane and a little bit of chocolate that came out. Cant go wrong here."

"Somewhat sweet and nutty, I wasn't overwhelmed by the flavors of this roast. I actually found this roast a little too dark for my taste. "

"A new favorite! Sweet and creamy - it was excellent hot and over ice. Almost like drinking dessert."

"This coffee was everything!!!! It was lightly sweet and very smooth. I definitely tasted the chocolate chip cookie dough! Will order again when it's available!"

"It's a smooth, flavorful coffee, however, none of them really stand out. To us, this coffee flavor is really toned down. Doesn't really taste like a cookie dough coffee."

"Just okay, too cocoa-powder-y for me, doesn't smell or taste as much like cookies or cookie dough as expected"

"Smooth, slightly lighter medium roast. A little less complex than expected for the tasting notes. "

"This coffee ruined me. I thought I knew what a good cup of coffee tasted like until I had this and realized I'd been drinking swill my entire life. Tasting profile is accurate. Very smooth cup of coffee."

"Love, Love, Love this coffee. Very smooth with zero bitter after taste. Tasting notes are exactly as described. Wouldn't change a thing about this bag of beans."

"I'd give this 3.5 if I could. Problem with the samples for me is that you don't get to try more than a couple of times at most, so would have to try again. I did enjoy the sugar cane and a little bit of chocolate that came out. Finished with what tasted like all spice, which I liked. french press."

"So good! Purchased two bags and can't get enough. It works perfectly for my iced coffee. I will never go back to store bought coffee beans. You can definitely tell they aren't as fresh!"

"Great bold brew with a nice finish that lingers. To me the brown sugar is subtle but the chocolate flavor is a little overpowering for this brew."

"Great as pour over, low acid and a lovely light sweet finish. "

"Prepared with aeropress--I was expecting something a good deal sweeter and richer, based on the description and reviews. Nonetheless, this was a solid cup that was neither too light nor too dark, with a more subtle sweetness than I first anticipated."

"I tried this one with some dark chocolate and it did bring out the cacao notes, although it was more acidic than I was expecting. Maybe it was in the way that I brewed it? Overall though, a really delicious cup!"

"I'd say 3.5 if it was an option. There is a very slight, floral aromatic note to this coffee. It's a touch burnt and there's a smokey brown sugar taste."

"This came in my first box and I was disappointed that it tasted weak despite me brewing it with a very strong bean to water ratio. "

"Produced a very solid, great tasting cup of coffee. Did not taste the hint of sugar cane or chocolate but a good cup nonetheless "

"I actually tasted some sweet notes! The coffee was strong and full bodied."

"This is a great one! Full body, balanced bitterness and acidity with notes of chocolate and sweet lasting long time, and such a fresh and beautiful aroma. "

"I did a pour over with this coffee and loved it. I could taste all the notes described ... chocolate and earthy ... but not at all bitter! Really smooth with a remarkable and distinguishable flavor. Recommended :)"

"The brighter sweeter notes are nice, but the underlying flavor is a little too dark for my preference. "

"I really enjoyed this coffee! Would absolutely buy again."

"I could not get a kick out of this coffee. I tried pour over, I tried french press, and even the Moka pot and got nothing. It is kind of flat and I could pretty much taste the water much more than the flavors I was supposed to taste. I tried :("

"Awesome tasting cup of coffee! Sweet notes with hints of chocolate and slightly nutty. I really looked forward to having this everyday!"

"This was quite possibly one of the best tasting coffee's I have has in a long while! I brewed this via drip method and drank hot with a splash of coconut milk versus iced but the natural flavors that came out of this roast were absolutely amazing!"

"I loved the way this smelled as soon as I squeezed the bag! I enjoy light and medium roasts, and this one was perfect. This coffee had just a touch of sweetness on its own, and I enjoyed every cup of this one my own--without sharing. Oops."

"I brewed this with a v60 and it produced an exceptional cup of coffee. It had mild chocolate notes and was somewhat sweet, even black. Minus one bean due to extreme bitterness as it reached room temp- the last few sips were left in the cup. Would love to try it iced. "

"The first time I made this coffee I could swear that it had a brown sugar/chocolate aftertaste, but the earthiness was overpowering. The second time I made it was much more mellow and smoother. I think this would be a really good coffee to have iced."

"Pleasantly sweet, very well balanced, and finishes with subtle chocolate/toasted marshmallow flavor. I typically like light roasts and this medium roast did not disappoint. Brewed with both chemex and Kalita Wave. "

"I like many of the same things about my wife and this coffee. They are both sweet, bold, bright, make me feel warm and have fantastic bodies."

"For my first ever Bean Box coffee this was amazing! As I am fairly new to coffee I found this very drinkable and exceptionally smooth. The caffeine level carried me through my morning comfortably. Looking forward to more "chocolate" notes in my future brews. Thank You! "

"Overall, a fantastic coffee. The mild and sweet flavors make it a great pair to any after dinner dessert. This is definitely a crowd-pleaser. However, the lighter notes makes this ideal for a 'treat-yourself' coffee or perfect for pleasant conversations."

"A bit sweet for my taste but still enjoyed it due to the low acidity. "

"Great coffee. I struggled to taste the cookie dough in this brew, however I enjoyed it regardless. Will purchase again to try to taste the cookie dough flavor."

"This decadent brew will have you transported to Brazil experiencing the earthiness of the amazon! Wow!"

"Feel lucky to to have tried this, after reading about the micro farm. Great morning cup just black, straight forward medium roast, yummy."

"So yummy! This brew was great black brewed with the pour over method. "

"Brewed in an espresso maker and found it to be the perfect strength. Slightly nutty and chocolatey. My husband said he really tasted the "cookie dough" flavor, which was quite good. "

"Slightly earthy with a dark chocolate smoothness-- but not as dark as that description makes it sound, certainly a medium roast coffee. brown sugar flavors as well, plus a nice finishing acidity. Enjoyable for sure, but not quite as much as the ecstatic promotional description makes it seem! "

"Pretty good! I brewed this using an aeropress and drank it black. It was stronger than I would've thought, and I liked that. Not sure if I would order a whole bag at this point, but still seems like a good choice."

"Hey So I received sample bag of the Brazilian Canaan Estate on March5th. Immediately the smell was strong & vibrant! It had both nutty & sugar notes. Such a smooth clean sip, my rating is 10/10 great coffee. Excited to try more delicious coffee with Bean Box & their partners! Thanks so much! Angel S"

"This was the first bag I've tried from Bean Box, so I wasn't sure how much to put in my coffee maker. It was okay, but not strong enough. Once I got the amount right, I really enjoyed it!!"

"Oh, my... I put it through the paces: pour over, aeropress, flash brewed iced coffee. This is AMAZING in an iced coffee, and pretty dog on good in every other brew method. Toasted almond flavor with a very light touch of milk chocolate. I've already ordered 2 more bags! Get it. Do it now!"

"This coffee was smooth, almost too light. It was sweet as well - I would order again but would have liked a bit more flavor."

"Best coffee my husband and I have ever tried! Don't get me wrong, we are not experienced coffee drinkers, except for the early morning Folgers! This coffee was so smooth and definitely sweet but not too sweet. I reserved a bag so we can have it again, and I recommend to everybody I can! "

"Exactly as described - a sweet morning treat full of flavor!"

"Very smooth and flavorful. My wife doesn’t drink black coffee and she enjoyed it!! "

"A very nutty, dark roast with great aromas. Great to have at night after dinner."

"I brewed this a little weak, but it was still delicious. nutty, sweet, and smooth on the tongue."

"This is definitely my favorite coffee of all time!!!"

"Brewed in french press. Good taste with chocolate notes, but too strong for me. "

"This roast was a lighter roast than I prefer and tasted a bit watered down, but had a decent taste. "

"Good cup of coffee. Enjoyed the sample . Didn’t order. "

"I like this coffee. It is clean and smooth, with a sugary flavor."

"This a solid coffee with chocolate notes. Drinks very smooth, though the full flavor profile didn't completely shine through for me. Overall I would definitely drink again as a nice morning coffee, but would spend on something with a more pronounced flavor profile. "

"Does not taste like "cookie dough" to me, but that's a good thing. The description is accurate: rich, smooth body and perfectly balanced. I could use more flavor, but as this was a sample, I only made it once and would try it again (test my brewing method)."

"Very sweet and chocolaty. Almost like a mild mocha. This tasted good paired with a shortbread cookie and something to dip in"

"This was my favorite out of my sample box, even though I usually prefer dark roasts. Very good!"

"I was counting on this to be my favorite in the sample pack and it lived up to that expectation. The medium roast was lovely and the tasting notes were great. Super smooth."

"This coffee was received as part of a monthly sample pack, dark roasts are my preference so this no did not blow me out of the water. A good taste, but just average overall. "

"I found this coffee to be a mild, very earthy and smooth drinking. I now understand why some people call it cookie dough coffee."

"Smooth body and great taste. I would definitely get this again. "

"Well balanced coffee with nice light chocolate tones. Medium body and smooth. The quality and freshness was evident. "

"This was my favorite of my trial pack. I usually go for darker roast coffees, but this was delicious! It genuinely tastes like a cookie and is perfect on it's own. Low acidity, which is important for me. "

"Sugar/ nutty scent before grind and slight bitter scent comes through after grinding Earthy brewed scent and taste without creamer With creamer it had a nice brown sugar/Carmel taste to it "

"Well balanced coffee. Nice flavor profile! And a smooth finish. "

"Well-balanced with low acidity. Sweet and chocolatey. Great as a breakfast coffee. Burr ground in drip maker."

"Solid, bold (not in a Starbucksy/burnt way) flavor. Very rich and enjoyable with breakfast."

"Smooth and chocolatey with a little bit of earthy flavor. This coffee has a lot of flavor without being too strong, which for me makes it a great go-to morning blend. Would definitely buy again."

"I love the chocolate taste this coffee has. It is smooth and full of flavor. I first tried ito in my sampler box and immediately ordered 25 more oz. Of it. "

"This coffee differently has a nutty, chocolate taste. Today is a rainy, sleety day where Im at and this coffee makes you feel great. Enjoyed this coffee by just sitting down and listening to the rain. "

"Received this in my first subscription box. LOVED IT, had to order more. medium roast, no acidity, great flavors! Distinct nutty flavor with a touch of chocolate. A MUST"

"I usually go for the light roast type of coffee, but this one caught me immediately from the moment I opened the bag! Such a wonderful chocolate smell along with rich coffee; and made in a French roast, Yum! Yes, this is one I'm going to get more of if available."

"One of the more interesting roasts I've tried. They say chocolatey and nutty and boy do they mean it! Full of flavor. The best part was sticking my nose in the bag for that first whiff. Brewed in a moka pot, this was a great medium roast. Works very well with just sugar or with sugar and cream. "

"My favorite coffee received this far! this coffee had an almost.. smoky flavor which kinda reminded me of bbq. I really loved that! I rough grind and use a french press. This coffee has a delicious flavor and is super smooth. I need to order more!"

"This is a very solid coffee! The smell is absolutely divine and if it tasted as great as it smelled I definitely would have given it 5 stars :) "

"Very warm, chocolatey taste. Would almost love this as a decaf version in the evening. It's very dark for breakfast, however. "

"Loved this one! Made it with a pour-over this morning."

"This was a solid coffee. The chocolate and nutty flavor was the star of the cup."

"A solid coffee from Middle Fork roasters that has some fantastic chocolate and earthy notes. A good morning coffee to go with a nice muffin! "

"Very smooth nutty flavor. Pretty low in acid from what I could tell. This was one of my absolute favorites out of this month's box. "

"Even with a splash of cream and sugar, I'm not sure I really get the whole cookie dough thing. It was smooth and sweet, a solid cup to have with breakfast, but this coffee didn't do anything remarkable for me. "

"I enjoyed these beans alot more than some of the others that were in my box this month. I used drip for this and the smell of the coffee as it brewed made my mouth water. It had hints of caramel that gave it this sweetness that i didn't mind at all. "

"This coffee has its own rich caramelized sugar flavor. Great for having after lunch."

"Delicious coffee. Not too bitter and tastes great from a french press or as a pour over. "

"This is a delightful medium roast coffee and my favorite that I received this month in my tasting box. Perfect for an afternoon pick me up! The earth, nutty, flavors really come alive and there is just a hint of sweetness which I love! "

"I tried this coffee and I've got to say, I really enjoyed the rich flavor that came from the brew. I use a french press and heated the filtered water (per beanbox instructions) to 200F and ground the beans to a nice semi-fine grind. It was flavorful and had just a hint of chocolate. "

"This coffee was great! Very slight bitterness that's easily fixed if you like sugar and/or milk in your coffee."

"This coffee reminds me of my favorite bean, a medium roast from Honduras. The description is very true to its taste - like a sweet chocolate chip cookie with very distinct brown sugar notes. Tastes great with pour-over and aeropress, and I can't wait to try it with different brew methods! "

"Flavors were complex and I loved drinking it black from my aeropress!"

"Wonderful flavor! Very light and smooth, with an exceptional taste. "

"So delicately and simply flavored. The flavors just roll on to your tongue and off again. "

"This was the first coffee that I tried from my sample box. I am hooked! This roast was a perfect medium roast coffee for a lazy Sunday morning. Deep, rich flavors with no bitter aftertaste. I felt like I was back in Seattle!"

"Excellent coffee, good flavor and tasted smooth with cream or dark. Well worth trying!"

"Perfect morning coffee. Good mix of strong and smooth. Not to bitter. Made in my french press and it was lovely"

"Good morning cup of coffee. Not too strong with a pleasant aroma. Made in a french press. I am really enjoying this blend."

"Ultra smooth, rich flavor with strong hints of chocolate and a slight nutty flavor. I usually drink my coffee dark and sweet. This is so lovely, I no longer need the sugar."

"Nice and smooth bean. Did not pick up on the sweetness, but would try it again. "

"Although this was not one of my favorites, it had a nice and light nutty flavor. I did not get much of the cookie dough flavor that was mentioned. But, it would definitely be a coffee to help those wanting to broaden their coffee palate. Brewed hot in drip coffee maker."

"Very mellow flavor profile. The flavor notes were very subtle and not overpowering. This is a great coffee for people wanting to start branching out from typical store bought big brands."

"This reminded me of a dark roast that lacked real body. The cup had a distinct bitterness and I struggled to find the cookie dough sweetness that was described. Brewed with a v60."

"We had this a few days ago and it was delightful! I definitely felt like it tasted like a nutty cookie! I added a bit of milk and sugar and it was amazing. It's one of our favorites for sure! (I feel like EVERY coffee we've gotten so far is a favorite lol!)"

"The label (cookie dough, chocolate, etc.) on this one led me to believe that it could stand on its own. With this one, I will be adding cream to combat the bitterness."

"This is on my list to buy after this months sample! So yummy. I tasted the nutty chocolate tones. I'm so impressed with this and a definite favorite."

"Didn't tast sweet more nutty. Good coffee but for the price there are other blends with more personality. "

"I sent this coffee to a friend to have around during my visit. We brewed this coffee in standard electric brewer and it made a good cup of coffee. We enjoyed the nutty profile. I made the leftovers into an ice coffee and that was excellent. I strongly recommend icing this and drinking it cold."

"My first Bean Box coffee I tried. Very good, but not very memorable to me. It's not on my "need to have" list. Smelled really good while brewing."

"Absolutely in love! We ground and used in our keurig (with reusable filter). nutty with a cookie hint. Smooth and delish!"

"4.6/5 (Excellent) - The essence of "home". Method: pourover, Black This roast offers very savory pepper on the nose that develops into a surprisingly 'present' caramel. On the tongue, this deceptively complex roast begins savory, and progresses into a phenomenally clean "easy" caramel flavor. "

"This was the first coffee I tried upon receiving my first box and I have fallen in love. I personally use the pour over method to make coffee and all of the sweet chocolatey flavors were extremely evident in this roast. I see this being my favorite coffee for a long time to come."

"Really clean but bold taste with a definite nutty, chocolatey and sweet flavor profile, I didn't exact get the cookie dough taste, but a really nice coffee none the less. "

"I'm undecided on this one. I feel as though my 'black coffee palette" cannot yet appreciate what this coffee has to offer. This was my least favorite thus far"

"My first bag in a subscription from my favorite roaster. Rich chocolatey flavor with a hint of nuts. Middle Fork never lets you down. "

"The first and only coffee I've tried so far in my beanbox but its AMAZING! I typicaly find medium roast to be a little acidic but not this one, it's very smooth and naturally sweet. Made in my french press and I was only dissappointed when I realized I drank the last sip"

"Pretty good coffee, but not my favorite from Middle Fork. Got it because we were excited that it had a chocolate chip cookie taste, but it didn't. Still, it's a smooth, bold roast that I'd drink again."

"Delicious!! Would definitely buy on my own! Could be a breakfast regular. "

"The chocolate notes really came through as is brewed but not as much in flavor. Seemed a bit average to me. I thought it was an okay cup of coffee but I didn't love it."

"Very nice coffee. I felt like this coffee was perfect with sweet. I actually drank this coffee black which is rare for me."

"Mi esposa y yo lo probamos en french press, me encantaron las tonalidades suaves y sutiles de ballas y chocolate, explendido para una taza de cage por la mañana"

"My wife and I enjoyed this coffee. She drank this black, which she rarely does. The coffee is plenty sweet and flavorful!"

"I absolutely fell in love with this blend. It is too delicious! Perfect black or with cream depending on what you prefer. Very good anytime of day"

"Was expecting more chocolately notes but I was glad it was not too much. Not my favorite but good coffee nontheless."

"Not a huge fan of chocolate notes in my coffee. That said, it wasn't completely overbearing and was still pretty good. I wouldn't order this again, as I feel that there is much better coffee out there."

"We brewed this according to the ratios suggested by Bean using a Technivorm coffee maker. It was really smooth and slightly sweet. It didn't need sugar, and I almost always use sugar. Great tasting coffee."

"I enjoyed this coffee. Beautiful middle roast where the nutty tones shine through! "

"Brewed in a french press. Smooth, tasty, but somewhat unremarkable."

"Decent with a hint of chocolate but I wouldn't order again. "

"Had high expectations but found the roast to be too dark for me to tell if I really liked this one."

"My favorite roast from Bean Box I have had thus far! It has an incredible flavor profile and tastes like a $10 cup of coffee, a luxury experience! "

"Great coffee. I drank this coffee in the morning. It has nice smooth flavors without any one of them overtaking the other flavors. "

"A nice chocolate flavor, without it being too overbearing. I'd definitely have this one again. I used a coarse grind on the entire sample bag, then brewed it in a french press with 4 cups of water for 6 minutes."

"I am so glad I bought a big bag of this roast! Also, I am even happier that I hid the bag. I have been hoarding it and making my own chemex in the morning with this roast. I LOVE this roast. You seriously had me at cookie dough, but there is so much more flavour too. A GREAT morning cup of joe!"

"Very light on the tongue with a sweet tasting soft finish. This is a great medium/light roast that pairs well with something sweet. You can drink on it's own as it's not very acidic. Absolutely love this roast. Highly recommend! "

"Delicious with a capitol D!! Wishing I had ordered more than one."

"Love love love this coffee! It has a great chocolate-y flavor, great body and deep flavor. It works morning, afternoon, evening. Perfect cup."

"This coffee is amazing! It's a perfect roast with such a unique flavor. 10/10 would recommend. "

"Delicious, smooth, naturally sweet. Not as bold as I normally like but I'm very happy I got to try this one."

"This is a coffee we just keep coming back to. Its perfect and comforting."

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