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Should I keep my coffee beans in the freezer?

almost 3 years ago by R. Taylow
2 responses
Participant over 2 years ago
by Ryan F., Chief Coffee Schemer
Thanks for the question! This is one of the most common coffee myths we hear from people getting into drinking better coffee. You don't want to keep coffee beans in a freezer because moisture damages and prematurely rots coffee beans. We'd recommend buying freshly roasted coffee and storing it in a cool and dry spot in your kitchen. For optimal taste, you should brew your coffee within 2-3 weeks of its roast date. Storing coffee in a freezer will not prevent the coffee from going bad. Check out our blog post for more Coffee Storage dos and don'ts.
Participant over 2 years ago
by Matthew B., Chief Coffee Wrangler
Please don't. When I was younger, I used to keep my pre-ground Dunkin Donuts coffee in the freezer. That was lifetimes ago! Keep your coffee dry, sealed, and away from sunlight, air, and moisture.

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