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Middle Fork Roasters - Costa Rica Dota Red Honey

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Costa Rica Dota Red Honey (#491)

Middle Fork Roasters

Roast: Medium roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Single Origin

Tastes: Caramel, Cherry, Nutty

Scarcity: Seasonal

Bean Box Breakdown

Traditionally prized for their soft bouquets of fruit and floral notes, Costa Rica continues to grow more coffees that push the envelope of flavor: honey processing can produce fantastic fruit flavors that stand toe-to-toe with those of the brightest African coffees.

In this distinctive, drinkable cup, a smooth body of nutty caramel finishes with a bright, unexpected note of sweet cherry candy. Costa Rica Dota is a brand new offering from Middle Fork. Caramelized to perfection, this rich medium roast marries traditional Central American appeal with a touch of the unexpected. It's a coffee you can enjoy everyday with a lot more personality than you'd expect from the average cup of joe... or cup of José!

Middle Fork Roasters Story

Costa Rica Dota Red Honey comes from the Cooperativa de Caficultores de Dota (CoopeDota), which was founded in 1960 and has 850 members. CoopeDota strives for a sustainable economic impact in the community through the creation of jobs. This regional blend has undergone "red honey" processing, which enhances the richness of body and develops sweet flavors. Notes of brown sugar, cherry, and sweet almond syrup.

Not Available

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Customer Reviews

21 customer reviews

"This is a wonderful medium light roast. It is fragrant and the notes definitely come through. Cream & Sugar is my favorite light roast. This is my second favorite."

"4.4 / 5 ALMOST excellent. I brewed this without a scale, and it likely would have made for a 5 bean cup if I had better methods when I first started. Maple, pit fruit, and a rainy forest on the nose. I remember this one very fondly. Slightly weaker body than expected. "

"Smells sweet, earthy, light body but a long linger, caramel, berry, pleasantly bitter!"

"Middle fork roasters are doing something right here. Very smooth and mixes well with creamer. "

"A new favorite! The cherry is very mellow and the vanilla nutty-ness kinda comes across sweet. A very pleasant mild coffee IMHO."

"This is a house favorite! I have ordered it several times and was delighted with each shipment. "

"Very complex flavor, tasted of friuit an nuts. medium roast with somewhat smooth finish. "

"We enjoyed this coffee chemex brewed. A good balance of flavors. "

"Good coffee but not very memorable -- for being on the sweeter side it was lacking in intensity. Too light for my taste. "

"I love the subtle notes of cherry and caramel in this roast. It still has a lovely, obvious coffee flavor as well! Yum!"

"This a a very smooth medium roast that I could drink anytime. It had a sweet cocoa background with nutty undertones. I normally like a touch of cream in my coffee but this was so perfect all on its own. "

"Definite nutty taste (and aftertaste!) which I thoroughly enjoyed. Its sweetness contrasts surprisingly with the full-bodied smoothness of the coffee, as well as contrasting with the nuttiness--it is sweet but not too sweet. I agree that it is a distinctive coffee! Made with a moka pot."

"This is fantastic in the french press. A great coffee we thoroughly enjoyed!"

"The Red honey was more than a 4 and less than a 5. That said, I'd be happy to drink it again. The slight sweetness came thru, as did a little nut-like flavor. "

"This is the second "honey" coffee I've tried, thanks to BeanBox. Dark and sweet. chocolatey. With distinctive cherry flavors."

"For a medium roast I love the full body that this coffee provides can’t wait to get to the next cup!"

"This was the first coffee tried and i almost wept when i drank the last cup ! Out of my four samples this was my favorite and i ordered a full bag. Tasty, smooth and perfect to start your day. Not too strong just perfect. Looking forward to it arriving ! "

"Wow, I loved this roast! It is definitely a medium roast with lots of flavor. I brewed it both with an aeropress and with a pour over. "

"My husband really liked this medium roast brewed in a french press. It had a nutty, caramel taste, low acidity w/lots of body. For me, it was too bold even brewed in a pour over. We both liked the Costa Rica Los Angeles by Zoka and thought this one might come close but missed the mark for both of us"

"This is one of my new favorites! Very smooth - I pick up a nutty flavor with this one as it cools I can taste the caramel and brown sugar. I can't taste the cherry, but I am currently using a drip maker but looking to try this one in a french press and that might make a difference. "

"A friend shared this one with me, and I'm glad she did. The caramel and the almond really come through. Very drinkable and smooth with a clean finish. One of my favorites."

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