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Flavor Profile
Fruity (9)
Pour Over (2)
Coffee Type
Blends (2)
Customer Rating
Colombian (2)
Tasting Notes
Cherry (2)
Chocolate (3)
Citrus (2)
Floral (4)
Fruit (2)
Honey (2)
Peach (2)
Washed (6)
Bourbon (3)

Our Best Light Roast Coffees

The top lightly roasted coffees from the world's best artisan roasters. We've handpicked beans from different countries and regions with notes of berries, florals, tea, and citrus. Your best origins: fruity Ethiopia, bright Honduras, mellow Costa Rica, tart Kenya, floral, fragrant Papua New Guinea. Put on your sunglasses, and brew on!

World's top roasters
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Sun Bear Iced Coffee Blend by Kuma Coffee

Sun Bear Iced Coffee Blend

Grape, Chocolate, Berry

Kuma Coffee



Cascara Coffee Tea by Bean Box

Cascara Coffee Tea

Cherry, Honey, Raspberry

Bean Box



Guatemala Hunapu by Kuma Coffee

Guatemala Hunapu

Caramel, Chocolate, Pineapple

Kuma Coffee



Colombia Rose Bourbon by Herkimer Coffee

Colombia Rose Bourbon

Lime, Grapefruit, Citrus

Herkimer Coffee



Burundi Ninga by Vashon Coffee Company

Burundi Ninga

Cherry, Peach, Sugar

Vashon Coffee Company



Fresh Crop Bright by Kuma Coffee

Fresh Crop Bright

Berry, Floral, Citrus

Kuma Coffee



Colombia Pensilvania by Broadcast Coffee Roasters

Colombia Pensilvania

Blackberry, Peach, Tropical

Broadcast Coffee Roasters


Guatemala Javier Martinez by Bluebeard Coffee Roasters

Guatemala Javier Martinez

Butterscotch, Grapefruit, Chocolate

Bluebeard Coffee Roasters


Nicaragua Javanica by Zoka Coffee

Nicaragua Javanica

Honey, Rhubarb, Floral

Zoka Coffee