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Which country has the best coffee beans?

almost 3 years ago by Sarah D.
Tags: selecting coffee, tasting coffee
1 response
Participant over 2 years ago
by Ryan F., Chief Coffee Schemer
The best way to answer this question is take your palate on a trip around the world. Coffee elitist swear by tea-like Ethiopian coffees with complex and fruity notes. Americans on vacation in Hawaii romanced by tropical coffee farms are convinced Kona produces the worlds best coffee. McDonald's advertising has you thinking 100% Colombian is the way to go. Starbuck's insiders have said Howard Schultz can't get enough of earthy Sumatran beans. High altitude Costa Rican coffees grown in the rain forest are becoming some of the most desired coffees by roasters, and hipsters alike. At Bean Box, we tend to fall in love with different coffees from every origin. My advice would be to try them all and get a sense for what origins win over your palate. Who knows? You might be a Colombian coffee lover in the morning and an Ethiopian coffee aficionado in the afternoons. I once had a barista tell me he prefers Guatemalan coffees in the morning if he's trying to do a crossword puzzle and Ethiopian coffees if he has time to think about what he's tasting because of their signature complexity. Check out our World Coffee Tour Box for an around the world adventure! 

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