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How much caffeine is in decaf?

Asked by Joe C.

Topics: caffeine
Decaf coffee is made by taking regular green coffee beans and running them through a chemical (sometimes organic) or Swiss Water process. This process strips the majority of caffeine out of the bean. However, various studies show roughly 10-15% of the caffeine remains, or 8 to 13 milligrams of the 85 milligrams found in a typical 8 ounce cup of coffee (source WebMD). Need to lay off the caf? We've handpicked a seasonally rotating menu of great tasting decaf coffees
Ask a barista who's used to handling whole bean coffee about the difference between decaf and regular beans is, and they'll testify to the fact that by the time the beans are decaffeinated, by whatever process, they're structurally weak compared to their more caffeinated colleagues. This means that they oxidize (spoil) much much faster, and accounts for the typical delta in taste between decaf and regular. So, given that even decaf coffees have 8-10% of residual caffeine, my suggestion to decaf drinkers is that you can maximize the flavor and experience by simply drinking a minute amount of caffeinated coffee (think 2-3 sips of a full cup). The caffeine intake will be similar, but the flavor delta just might be worth it....

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