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How long is coffee good for?

almost 3 years ago by kevin W.
Tags: bean handling
1 response
Participant over 2 years ago
by Ryan F., Chief Coffee Schemer
Once coffee is roasted the clock is ticking. Freshly roasted coffee is full of rich flavor with no bitter edge. As a general rule, coffee is at peak freshness for 2-3 weeks off of roast. We've found darker roasts are better brewed within 2 weeks and a very light roast can stay good up to 4 weeks. The darker the roast the faster oils and sugars will seep to the outside of the bean causing the center to turn bitter.

A few tips regarding freshness
- Look for a roast date on the coffee bag (expiration dates are a bad sign)
- Only buy whole bean coffee and grind them when you're ready to brew
- Store your beans in dry spot
- Give freshly roasted beans 48 hrs to degas before brewing (or else they can taste green) 

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