Flavor Profile
Decadent (2)
Espresso (2)
Roast Profile
Dark (3)
Medium (2)
Coffee Type
Blends (4)
Customer Rating
Colombian (3)
Tasting Notes
Chocolate (3)
Nutty (2)

Coffees that Taste Like Spice

Our top picks for Spice tasting notes this month.

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Brazil Santa Luzia by Coava Coffee

Brazil Santa Luzia

Almond, Spice, Apple

Coava Coffee


Breakaway Blend by Middle Fork Roasters

Breakaway Blend

Nutty, Chocolate, Spice

Middle Fork Roasters



Dancing Goats Blend by Batdorf and Bronson

Dancing Goats Blend

Caramel, Cherry, Nutty

Batdorf and Bronson



Tough as Nails by Middle Fork Roasters

Tough as Nails

Pepper, Spice

Middle Fork Roasters



Mocha Java Blend by Lighthouse Roasters

Mocha Java Blend

Spice, Floral, Fruit

Lighthouse Roasters



Decaf Colombia Planadas by Broadcast Coffee Roasters

Decaf Colombia Planadas

Chocolate, Spice, Sugar

Broadcast Coffee Roasters