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Bluebeard Coffee Roasters - The Narrows Espresso Blend

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The Narrows Espresso Blend (#242)

Bluebeard Coffee Roasters

Roast: Medium roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Blend

Tastes: Caramel, Vanilla, Chocolate

Bean Box Breakdown

Brew your way into big, bold waters with this blend of Latin American and East African beans. Immensely satisfying as brewed coffee, as well as a deep, creamy espresso.

Bluebeard Coffee Roasters Story

Our in-house espresso and signature blend, this roast is rich and smooth with a full top-to-bottom body. Big notes of chocolate, caramel, vanilla with ample dried fruit on top.

Not Available

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Customer Reviews

19 customer reviews

"Lighter tasting coffee, not bitter but has notes of chocolate, vanilla, then subtle dried fruit. I brewed this as an espresso and it paired well with a bit of my almond-coconut milk creamer. I’ll definitely order this again!"

"Good for espresso. Strong yet smooth. Very chocolatey "

"I love this stuff! I bought it straight from the roaster when I happened to be in Tacoma, and I am so happy that beanbox carries it as well. "

"Brewed this as espresso and wasn't disappointed. Very smooth and chocolatey. "

"Not one of my favorites. The dried fruit flavors are certainly there, but I found them overpowering and bitter the way dried plums or cherries can taste. As a shot I found these particularly off putting, but as a latte it plays well."

"On the light side which doesn't suit my taste. BTW - I only drink espresso - no sugar and prefer a stronger blend."

"I was expecting to love this but it was such a disappointment! It tasted light and fruity which I don't care for at all. I read other reviews and wondered if I got the same beans! I made this in an aeropress and drank it black."

"Good its my first time and is really good "

"This was a FANTASTIC roast! There wasn’t a thick layer of foam, but I already liked it from the smell after the initial grind. It tasted how I prefer my espresso: dark, floral."

"Great coffee, very smooth and flavorful. I preferred it black. Adding half and half brought out more of the fruit flavors."

"This roast is medium/dark. Full of flavors and smooth tasting. Ground the beans, and brewed in my ninja coffee bar, classic brew setting. Added steamed/foamed milk. Perfect for the morning pick me up. "

"This espresso was very good, dark like I prefer. my espresso to be!"

"Wow! This roast is bold and full of flavor. Excellent for espresso. I will buy this again. This might be the coffee my friends and family get this holiday season. "

"A pleasing, full espresso. This roast was a great way to start my day. I was sorry to see the bottom of the bag."

"I've always been impressed with Bluebeard Coffee and this blend definitely did not disappoint. I loved the bold flavors- you could really taste the chocolate with a hint of the caramel!"

"This was a good espresso... not our favorite out of the box but our second favorite. No complaints here! "

"Big enough fan of this that I ended up buying a 12 oz bag. Makes a very rich latte that isn't bitter. Has a very 'full' flavor to it, if that makes sense. In any case, I really dig it."

"Not as bold as the 7 huli, which I prefer..this blend is very smooth, no bitter, but just not bold enough for my cappuccinos. I ground on 10 with the breville SG, in a breville dual temp machine, whole milk. It did pull a good even double, with nice creme. Probably love if you like a light roast."

"This is a very light bodied roast in my opinion, despite being labeled as medium. If you like lighter tasting lattes, this is OK, but I prefer a bit darker. I brewed this using a Breville BES870XL Barista Express )espresso machine) and 2% milk. "

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