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Middle Fork Roasters - Tough as Nails

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Tough as Nails (#49)

Middle Fork Roasters


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Roast: Dark roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Blend

Tastes: Pepper, Spice

Bean Box Breakdown

A little spicy, a little smooth: even the toughest cowboy has a soft side! And this is the coffee to match: Tough as Nails dark blend, roasted fresh-to-order from Middlefork Roasters. This rugged, spicy cup is a blend of Guatemalan and Sumatran beans, for a big, rich, chocolate-syrupy body with a clean finish of black pepper spice. All the flavor of a classic dark, with Middlefork’s signature rich, nutty body. Giddyup! It’s one smooth ride.

There’s a romantic aspect to “cowboy coffee” from the Wild West. Coffee became popular in the U.S. during the Civil War: soldiers were banned from drinking whiskey, and a piping hot cup of coffee became the spirit-lifting drink of choice. After the war, veterans brought their love of coffee to the frontier, where they’d buy unroasted beans from the general store and hand-roast their own coffee in a skillet. According to cowboy tradition, the test of ideal coffee strength was whether it would “float a horseshoe”.

Middlefork’s Tough as Nails blend is dark and rich enough to please the most discerning cowboy (or cowgirl), no horseshoe required. Reserve a bag of our favorite spicy dark roast and forget the sunset—with this coffee in hand, you’ll be galloping off into the sunrise.

Middle Fork Roasters Story

A bold combination of Colombian and Guatemalan beans. This blend carries the rich tones of a classic dark roast with a smooth body and a pleasant peppery, spicy finish.

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Ships roasted-to-order on Aug 28 (1-3 day typical delivery).
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Customer Reviews

57 customer reviews  write a review

"Really enjoyed this one. Got the best flavor out of the french press. "

"Bolder than most of the brews I order.Not your every day coffee, so it might not be for everyone. But If youre looking for a pick me up in the morning this ones for you."

"Very good blend! Nice flavors and balance. I would purchase this."

"The name is a wonderful description of this coffee, I think it literally put hair on my chest and filled in my beard. "

"Decent blend, good traditional flavor but a tough week when making an iced latte Better hot and very pleasant"

"I didn't personally like it, but I don't really care for the "pepper" taste in my coffee. "

"french pressed - very smooth dark roast. Heavy notes of spice. Very clean finish. Really enjoyed this one!"

"This dark blend has a syrup smell and creamy mouth feel with a spicey finish. It's a very full blend. Made in a french press and drank black. "

"well, i was expecting a little more as i prepared this in my french press. it has a strong tobacco smell... and not a whole lot of flavor other than 'just coffee'... although, it makes a nice knock-your-socks-off espresso! New: after drinking this with dinner I get the pepper flavor and tobacco... "

"Made with french press, very good coffee, would drink again"

"This coffee didn't have a super strong smell but had a really strong flavor in a good way. I drink my coffee black and this one definitely met my coffee expectations. "

"I really enjoyed this coffee. The spicy notes really stood out to me and I suprising liked it even though I am driven more toward fruit forward roasts."

"From my husband - a good, strong coffee! It didn't have a spicy flavor as it described, but it was bold and rich!"

"Rich and sweet, and with a nice bite at the end which prevents it from becoming cloying. A really nice cup of coffee."

"This coffee was smooth, and I liked the pepper. But I didn't find it to be as bold as I thought it should be."

"Brewed with a v60 pour-over. This was a solid dependable coffee. Not a home run but a single over the short-stop's head. Smooth with a bit of spic."

"Tough as nails is tough to love. A little on the weaker side with too much pepper. If you like a lighter dark roast with a bit of spice you would love it. Not my fave"

"Very smooth for a dark roast! It's not overwhelmed by chocolate flavors, which is a nice change of pace, compared to other dark roasts. This is coffee that tastes like coffee, not other flavors."

"This was not one of my favorites from the sample box. It was a bit to light for my taste I like a really bold bold coffee. "

"This is another great roast! We love the flavor and could drink this anytime. For anyone who enjoys bold flavor this would be a great option."

"This coffee didn't seem that bold to me. It was decent but fairly average. It seemed more a single note flavor though I did get a hint of pepper. The ground coffee did have some pepper scent. I did do this as a brewed pot so it might be better as a press or pour over. "

"As others have noted, the peppery taste was a bit too much for my preference. I brewed it as a pour-over, and it was certainly dark and strong, which I liked. "

"Even with generous milk this coffee had a wonderful strong coffee taste that was not bitter at all. We found the grind ran fast though and was hard to tap down so for that reason it was a better cappuccino than espresso."

"dark roasts are not for me,and the peppery taste made it worse. I do have to say it is different."

"A really nice dark roast. It's very smooth and has a very pleasant taste"

"Love dark roast coffee! Looking forward to more Bean Box deliveries!"

"Great flavor! I like strong tasting coffee this was perfect. I also tend to let my coffee get cold I know horrible but it stilltasted good cold."

"Surprisingly mine turned out smokey and chocolate-y with just the right hint of pepper, amazing with creamer and sugar. coffee brewer method turned out very nice, bold and smooth."

"Nice, no cherry and a little acid tone on the finish. The peppery blend makes for a great espresso to start off the morning. I ordered more of this one."

"The spices definitely made for a strange combination. It wasn't an unpleasant dark roast but not our favorite in the french press"

"This one is not my favorite. It's a good dark roast but the pepper is a bit too much for me. "

"I saved this for last this month.didnt think I'd enjoy it at all.but I have to say it made me feel extremely it was spicy."

"A spicy roast with the hint of pepper. Really tasty."

"A good bold dark roast. Very smooth body as well. It's a great everday coffee."

"We brew our coffee in a chemex with a reusable filter and while it was a bit OK to me, my husband really enjoyed it"

"Pepper taste was a bit too much for me, but it was exciting to try. "

"Nice sharp dark roast with a peppery aftertaste. Great for anyone who likes a strong cup with a hint of spice. "

"Favorite of the February box I got, most likely since it was the darkest roast as is my wont. Still very drinkable."

"Definitely one of my boyfriends favorites, the flavor was so rich and it is a tasty dark roast"

"Definitely one of my favorites! It's bold and smooth with a spiciness to it. All around great dark roast. "

"Very good! I did pour over for all the coffee I eat from bean box. Great start to my morning! "

"I really enjoyed this roast. It was strong enough without being bitter. Suttle pepper tones, no flavor was overpowering. It made for a very easy drinking coffee, the pot was gone before I knew it. Stood up well to the sweetness of pancakes or other brunch favorites. Smelled like a cigar when first opening. chemex brewed. "

"The pepper flavor was slightly too strong for my taste. "

"Decent dark roast with slight peppery notes. A bit hairy - best with cream. (v60)."

"This was just an average coffee in my opinion. Nothing stood oit as complex. The pepper notes are almost overwhelming.."

"Amazing coffee. Favorite one so far. Dark but smooth and anything but boring--in a good way. "

"A bit too harsh for my personal taste. Spicy and dark it's almost more fitting to be taken as a shot of espresso."

"The spice was appropriate for an evening cup. Accompanied dinner quite well. "

"Meh. Pretty standard coffee. Very smooth dark roast with no fruitiness to it. "

"greaaaaat coffee! I can seriously taste the spices in this roast, and I am so pleased! I usually like coffee that has fruity notes, but this spicy blend was perfect. Can't wait to try more from this company!"

"Bold but lacking depth. Nothing wrong with that; it's straight forward and rich. Comforting in the way only a dark roast can be. Much less cocoa present than in many dark roasts, which is actually refreshing. "

"This is an average tasting coffee. More like something served at a diner. "

"Very rich and dark. I made Vietnamese iced coffee with these beans!"

"A middle of the road dark blend when made in a french press."

"I've become a huge fan of this coffee roaster...Middle Fork! Tough as Nails is dark and bold yet it remains smooth!! I just bought a bag from Bean Box earlier today!"

"Bold and strong flavors, not as many "flavors as others." Tastes like a delicious bold coffee."

"Another big step in my conversion to a dark-roast lover. This is a rich, strong, tasty brew that has the refinement of a medium roast with the strength of a dark blend."

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