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Treehouse Blend (#482)

Velton's Coffee Roasting Company


(Earn up to $1.75 in Bean Box Credit)

Roast: Medium roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Blend

Tastes: Raspberry, Nutty, Almond

Bean Box Breakdown

In this medium roast, an initial burst of spicy dark chocolate mellows into a soft, nutty ending, with just a hint of rosy fruit. A hideaway for coffee lovers – visit anytime!

Velton's Coffee Roasting Company Story

Treehouse blend is designed to be sweet with just a touch of fruit, nuts, chocolate: a crowd pleaser! Great either black or with milk, whatever your preference. Notes of dark chocolate, molasses, almond, and raspberry.

Not Available

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Customer Reviews

38 customer reviews

"In the past, I have enjoyed other coffees from Velton's, however, I was unimpressed by this blend. I found the coffee drinkable, but unremarkable. "

"I was so excited to try this as well as another coffee I bought. When I brewed this I noticed it was very light and I could see through it, so I thought I messed up and brewed another pot and it came out the same. Very weak with no taste. Very upset with both bags I received which was unusual with BB."

"Was just ok- more of a dark roast then a medium- tasted similar to Pike's Place."

"Easy to drink coffee blend. One of the first coffees from Bean Box I tasted, and I used the french press."

"Good coffee that is true to tasting notes. Brewed with french press, and enjoyed this with my breakfast. "

"This brew has everything you could want. Very balanced. the right amount of sweetness and decadence. Would recommend."

"I really enjoyed this roast. I made it in my french press and it had great flavor and a smooth finish. "

"This is probably my new favorite. I love the raspberry notes with the chocolate. Will surely get it again!! "

"Good cup of coffee. Sweetness is strong but not overpowering. There's a subtle brightness which blends well (contributing to the cherry note) which keeps everything in balance."

"We made the move to medium-dark after our first shipment and really enjoyed this. Preferred it without dairy, definitely had some hints of chocolate in it. Will definitely be ordering again."

"This may be one of my favorite coffees I sampled so far! Very smooth, not acidic, and loved the scent when I first opened the bag. I may order this again!"

"This coffee has a great flavor! Not too strong but not too weak. I brewed it in my ninja coffee maker and put a splash of vanilla creamer. I could definitely see this as my daily drinker. "

"My 3rd favorite out of the four I received. Good morning before work coffee"

"Nuts and chocolate up front, fruit on the backend. Little bit of smoke, makes for a decent coffee"

"This was probably my favorite bean box coffee. Great, smooth and rich flavor. I loved being able to distinctly taste the notes of raspberry, chocolate, and molasses.pour over and french press brewed. "

"Easy drinking and a welcome part of my morning. Very smooth black."

"Love this! The raspberry and molasses notes are excellent together. "

"Good coffee, I usually can't notice the hints of flavor but I could taste the raspberry which I enjoyed. "

"Good cup of coffee. We both enjoyed this. Pretty good. "

"Rasberry and chocolate notes make my day!!! Really good coffee for Sunday Morning with something sweet. Definitely, need to try!"

"Okay coffee. A bit too much spice for my preference. However, if you enjoy fruit & nut flavors, then this coffee is for you."

"I brewed this in a french press and pour over, and I say pour over wins everytime. Brings out that extra something! "

"This was so delicious. I'm ordering a full bag right now. It's very complex with flavors that evolve with each sip."

"Was hoping this would be on the sweeter side considering it said raspberry, molasses, and chocolate but didn't get much of that. Not the best in my bean box this month. "

"chemex: I enjoyed this coffee, but it was a little lighter than I prefer. I would describe it as likable but middle of the road. It didn't stand out for me. Maybe if it was roasted a little longer it might bring out some more flavor. "

"Wonderful way to start my morning! This coffee was wonderful black and made with my french press. I need to get more soon. "

"Well, kinda mild. I had as espresso and didn't get a lot of complexity? Maybe a hint of fruit, chocolate, and tobacco. but no spice really - unless tobacco is a spice?. It wasn't a bland cup, just not what I was expecting"

"pour over: A great morning coffee. Very light, but still flavorful and sweet. Not too acidic or overwhelming. "

"A little lighter than I expected, but still delicate and interesting. Not the most flavorful one I've tried, but was very nice black."

"This one was not one of my favorites. The flavors were more bland than I'm used to with coffees from bean box! I brewed it with both a pour over and an aeropress."

"Strong nutty flavor, I just wish it was a tad sweeter from the raspberries!"

"Pretty decent. Maybe a little darker than what I normally like. Brewed with Bee House pour-over."

"Hand ground, brewed with a pour over. Slight sweetness to it, with a hint of smokiness. Nowhere near powerful enough to be considered a dark roast. Hint of slight sweet bitterness that lingers as a pleasant after taste."

"Rich molasses. This is a really hearty blend that is toothsome and satisfying. The perfect thing for a cool autumn morning. Drank as espresso - roasted 8/7/17 and enjoyed on 9/22/17. "

"What a unique and stunning flavor profile. "

"Brewed in french press. Good medium roast coffee with big notes of almonds and slight fruit."

"Brewed in french press. Good medium roast coffee with fruit notes and lighter roast flavor. Great roaster overall. Wife very much enjoys the coffee but not one of the husbands favorites blends. "

"The nutty and chocolaty goodness comes in strong in this coffee. Lovely, and is a great medium roast! Would buy this one again!"

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