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Orca Blend (#107)

Vashon Island Coffee Roasterie


(Earn up to $1.88 in Bean Box Credit)

Roast: Dark roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Blend

Tastes: Black Currant, Chocolate, Woody

Bean Box Breakdown

A medium-dark roast with juicy black currant and lingering chocolate notes. A coffee this smooth is as rare as spotting an orca in the wild. But please: no harpoons!

Vashon Island Coffee Roasterie Story

Our Orca blend is rich, complex, earthy and well balanced. A mysterious, deep blend of harmonious overtones, created in tribute to the Killer Whale.

Reserve Now

Order by 3PM PST. Get it by Friday, July 26. Can also ship roasted-to-order on Jul 31 (1-3 day typical delivery).

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Customer Reviews

49 customer reviews  write a review

"The chocolate tones were great and not too over-powering. A nice medium roast. "

"This dark roast tasted of tobacco and smoke to me, rather thin. Husband says it does not taste like Orcas. "

"Pretty traditional dark roast, with a few nice chocolate notes. Good in the morning or afternoon."

"I didn’t really taste anything special in this coffee, solid dark roast but not exciting enough for me to want to reorder "

"Bold and full flavor profile. I will get for sure buy a large bag!"

"Really not my favorite. Didn’t like this coffee at all "

"Dark, bold coffee. Great flavor. I think this would make a good winter coffee. "

"I absolutely loved this coffee! It was so Earthy and smooth. Even the last bit that had gotten cold was still lovely! Definitely ordering more of this one! "

"It was too strong for me. And a few days after grind smell was not so good. "

"Fantastic. Really enjoyed this one. Rich and the fruit is subtle."

"I just opened my bag and the smell was beautiful as were the beans. It is a smooth coffee with excellent flavor and perfect for my morning. This is one of my new favorites. "

"Thought this was very good. Begins with a fresh taste, then a rich chocolaty undertone and finishws without any bitterness."

"Good, not great. A good solid med/dark roast, but I prefer a little less earthy blend. If earthiness and smoothness are your thing, you might love it. "

"Certainly interesting but not a favorite. Too dark and earthy for my taste, but very smooth and mild for a darker roast. "

"This coffee was a little too dark and bitter for my taste though my husband enjoyed it."

"This didn't really standout for me. Good roast but pretty typical."

"Was freshly roast, uniform in size. It was a bit to darkly roasted for my taste. I didn't taste the chocolate, but perhaps a more sour taste which must be the current. "

"Definitely an interesting flavor I haven't tried before (and won't be again). I can definitely see why others would like it though."

"This is a very neutral, representative dark roast. Typical bitter dark chocolate notes with a balanced presentation. "

"For a dark roast it was ok. Currant is not a taste i enjoy in any coffee."

"Bold, complex, dark and definitely fruity. Made it as a cold brew and turned out beautifully."

"Great flavor and enriches your day. It's a nice dark roast with fairly complex flavors that open up in either pure espresso, or Americanos. "

"Really good, but also really dark. Loved the notes of black currant and chocolate. "

"Dark deep woody and earthy chocolate notes. Made as double shot espresso."

"This was my favorite blend in this month's box. Light but not without flavor. Rich chocolate flavor. Awesome when brewed in my french press."

"Made with a moka. Solid, bold coffee with a definite chocolatey taste; it becomes more fruity/nutty (getting sweeter) as it cools, and leaves a nice roasted aftertaste. Definitely a solid, well-rounded coffee."

"I adore this coffee! Ordered it whole bean, ground it, and used a french press. Delicious."

"I use this blend in my french press (coarse grind). A very bold coffee! A little strong, but not bad overall. Definitely more of a dark roast."

"A decidedly dark and bold roast that features a hint of smokiness and smokiness and an earthly aftertaste. Great if you want something rice and robust."

"This coffee was a little on the bitter side and not one of the favorites on our "Bean Box" list. We tried brewing it in the auto drip instead of the french press, but had the same result. Just not a fan. It smelled amazing though, so maybe others will like this stronger roast better than we did. "

"Loved the scent on this coffee after grinding it, I couldn't help but take a big inhale! Bold, dark and delicious!"

"Brewed in my french press. Very bold, a little too bold for my taste but I enjoyed the cup nonetheless. "

"Brewed in a french press. I found this roast to have a nice complexity but really didn't love how each cup finished. Definitely on the stronger side for a dark roast so it'll hit you right away. "

"Didn't love it but it's not exactly my style. I didn't exactly taste the fruit, maybe slightly chocolatey..."

"Brewed with a french press, notable complexity. It starts with a medium body, sweeter profile and finishes with a stronger, darker profile (some hints of chocolate). It sticks with you for a few moments but doesn't leave a lingering dark aftertaste. A strong coffee that will pick you up. "

"Brewed with french press as recommended. Very well balanced dark roast. Has a heavy finish. Prepare yourself for this one though. Definitely a good eye opener, Monday morning blend!"

"A beautiful, well balanced coffee, and one of my favorites that I've received over the last six months. Not too bitter, not too sour, just right!"

"Inverted aeropress. Delicious chocolate and fruit flavors in a full-bodied coffee."

"Some documentaries are bland but I do enjoy a good Killer Whale documentary. Those poor seals get tossed! I found this blend bland so I tossed in some roasted cocoa nibs to enrich its flavor content."

"A good coffee. Not as dark, earthy or spicy as I would have preferred."

"Made in my drip coffee maker, great flavor, well balanced"

"I'm enjoying a cup of the Orca Blend now. Despite the description it's not too dark, and not too bitter. Full bodied and delicious!"

"The Orca blend is wonderfully smooth and rich, and is enjoyable all on its own. I like to use the pour-over method to get the perfect brew. "

"This a beautiful blend. I loved the way the beans looked and even more how they tasted in my v60 pour over."

"As advertised but very mild. I may have over brewed it a few minutes because it came out a little bit bitter for me but it's a very soft medium roast so even with a bit of bitterness it was still good. "

"Darker than the average medium roast, with well-balanced acidity and body. Very fruity (I didn't get much in the way of the expected chocolate notes). A good blend suitable for everyday drinking."

"Received a medium roast gift box. This was my favorite of the 4. It is complex with its medium-dark notes. I drink my coffee without cream or sweeteners and use a coffee press. The currant stands out, slightly earthy, very smooth to taste and the chocolate aroma is nice. I recommend for sure. "

"Good value coffee. Simple but good with the right creamer. "

"Delicious and simple. This coffee is an excellent value."

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